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Saturday, June 18, 2016

My Kids’ New Favorite Dentist

My boys had already been to the dentist quite a number of times now. I blogged about my pleasant experience at National Dental Centre Singapore here. Though we liked the standard of dental care at NDCS, it was not so easy to get the appointments we wanted, and it was situated far from where we live.

Since a couple of years ago, we decided to bring them to Unity Denticare (NTUC) instead. It has a Tooth Fairy Club membership so we assumed it is more kid-friendly?

This morning, we brought our kids to the clinic and realized that the dentist today was a different person. It was a young pretty lady who seemed to radiate golden sunshine in her little room! I’m not kidding, she had bright smiley eyes and was super warm and friendly to my [noisy] kids from the time she met them!

Even though she knew my kids were regulars, she insisted on taking time to explain her tools to the kids before she started.


“Here’s Mr Vacuum Cleaner who sucks up the excessive fluids… And here’s Mr Thirsty…” she patiently explains.

The entire teeth cleaning session with each of my boys was pure cooperation [from the boys of course] and a couple of giggles from Julien, because he said Mr Vacuum tickled him.

clean teeth

After their teeth were white and clean again [hooray!], the dentist offered to give them a small gift to bring home. At the sound of this magical word “gift”, the boys’ eyes lit up immediately! “WHAT GIFT?!”

She picked up a brand new rubber hand glove, shoved one of her tools into the opening, and directed Jensen to press a button on the tool. This thing pumped air into the glove, and the glove grew and grew… until it looked like a BALLOON! She did the same for Mr. Big Brother too.


How brilliant! My boys loved their “balloons”!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Well done to the boys, and well done to the dentist for having won their hearts completely with a bit of thoughtfulness, a dash of creativity and lots of kind loving patience.

Thank you Dr Soh from Unitycare Dental, Tampines Junction. My boys had instructed me to bring them to you for all their future dental visits!

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