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Monday, April 25, 2016

Javier from birth to 5 months old!

5 months had past since the world welcomed Javier!

Even though this is my 3rd time with a newborn, I found it rather hard going during the first two months, and especially my confinement. Perhaps I am older, and perhaps I had forgotten the sleepless nights and constant cries from my first two!

Anyway, just to note down the highlights of my 3rd birth story here…

Javier decided to play a prank on us in Week 39. What was supposed to be a very normal last or second last visit to the gynae turned out to be a “shocking” one for me. Dr Ben Tham almost fell off his chair when he did the usual altrasound scan. Baby was wrong side up! When all along he was progressing fine.

I was fully prepared for a very normal vaginal birth this time round, exactly like how I delivered Julien and Jensen. And I found the news of highly likely having to go for a C-section birth totally unacceptable.

The hubby and I were advised to schedule a C-section operation for Javier but we wanted to give it a try… to make Javier turn back right up again. And I was only given 1 more day to make the miracle happen.

That night and the whole of the next day, I did some crazy stunts that I learnt from Youtube, in hope of making Javier turn.

Lying upside down [please don’t try to imagine heavily pregnant me doing this…], placing a cold compress at where I thought Javier’s head would be [poor & cold Javier…], getting the hubs to counsel Javier [in the most soothing, coaxing manner] to go back to his original position.

Well, they all didn’t work eventually… and sadly.

When I went back to the clinic on that fateful 19th November 2015 morning, Dr Tham found me to be in labour contractions! I didn’t feel any pain or contractions at all! And I was scheduled for an EMERGENCY C-section at 1pm. Feelings of disappointment flooded me right even as I was laying down on the operation table. Disappointed that I had to go for a C-sect after 2 normal deliveries. Disappointed that my costs went up so much. Disappointed that my childbirth did not turn out as what I had dreamt, imagined and expected for the prior 10 months.

But guess what? Every single one of my fears and disappointments were washed away the instant the nurses placed my baby beside me.

Once again, I fell deeply in love with another human being. Thank You Jesus for a safe, smooth delivery!

My recovery was a quick one, and my weight loss was really amazing [I lost more than my pregnancy weight of 9kg within my confinement month, without dieting]!

And now, my precious baby is a healthy, chubby boy who is well-loved by his parents, brothers and grandparents.

#Javier at 1 month.

#Our 1st month baby shower party at Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel. 

#Javier at about 2 months with Big Bro Julien.

#Javier at about 3 months with his 2 elder brothers. They lava him!

#Javier at about 4 months, after his bath.

#Signature turban head… his 2 elder bros also did the same at this age!

#Javier now at 5 months +. My 3 blessings from God. :) 

I have gotten used to my third kid now and learning to interact with him. I thank God everyday for my 3 little musketeers!

So this is my summary of life with J3 thus far. Thanks for reading and have a blessed week ahead!

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