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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Update on Baby #3

Gosh, I have not been updating this space in ages! But I thought I will blog my 3rd pregnancy all at one go here... Yes after 38+ weeks of being pregnant. *Oops*

I realized I was reading up my past posts relating to my past pregnancies and I should blog down my hopefully final pregnancy. 

This little one was conceived in Feb 2015. So he had been happily living in my tummy for over 38 weeks now. Yes, it wasn't a typo. 'He' is our third little BOY. God bless me mummy of THREE boys. 

The hubby and I took quite some time to think of a third J name for this little one. We eventually settled for Javier. *Hi Javier!*

I just visited my gynae on Monday afternoon. I had put on 9 kg of weight thus far (I think this should be my leanest pregnancy). Baby was measured to be 2.9-3kg and my doctor calls him "Pui Pui". –.-

I had a rather uneventful first trimester. The usual lack of appetite and craving for savory & sweet foods. Nothing healthy... Not even my usual overnight oats. The only problem that plagued me in my first trimester was that twice, in the middle of the night, I woke up needing to go to the toilet. BUT I couldn't! It was a terrible feeling. Thank God the very resourceful hubby checked out tips on the internet to get the pee out. The first incident was rather easily solved. The second incident took me a few minutes of walking and I managed to release myself only after an hour! The worst thing was we were in Bangkok during our family holiday. I was almost crying!!! What a terrible feeling.... I was glad the problem did not come back. 

At about week 24, baby was measured to be on the big side. The doctor ordered me to go for a glucose test to check for Gestational Diabetes (GD). Well, it scared me. For the 2-3 weeks before the test, I went on a rather strict diet major reducing my sugar and carbohydrates intake. Thank God my test results turned out good! No GD. *Phew*!

Baby Javier is the most active one in my womb amongst the three. I could feel his karate kicks and groovy disco moves since my second trimester. I have a couple of videos in my phone of my tummy moving and distorted. 

My estimated due date is 25 Nov 2015. Less than 2 weeks away. But because the hubby had been scheduled for company training on 23-25 Nov, we had informed our doctor that we would like to induce and deliver baby on 19 Nov 2015.. which is this coming Thursday! OMG, I suddenly realized there is much to accomplish before baby is due. *Tick Tock Tick Tock*... 

So before I sign off, please pray for me for a smooth delivery and healthy baby and me. Here’s a pic of my stomach at 37 ++ weeks!

Baby Javier says “See you guys real soon!” Smile

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