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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Swimming Lessons in the East

My boys had never been the sporty, outdoor type so far. Their complexions are fair and because they are hainanese, I often lament that they are as fair as hainanese chickens. 

So now that Julien is turning 5 yo and Jensen is 3 yo, we decided it was time. Time to learn sports- swimming!

My sis-in-law recommended us to swimming instructor Gerry Tan from WaterJoy Swim School, for an initial assessment. 

Here's Julien!


If you know Julien, he is usually very shy towards strangers. However, Gerry managed to strike a conversation with him straightaway! During the whole time in the pool, Julien was smiling and looking like he enjoyed himself even though he had some water phobia! 



Although he didn't really dare to open his eyes while wearing his googles, he managed all the exercises like blowing bubbles on the surface and holding his breath rather well and enthusiastically. So proud of him! 

And here's my courageous little warrior's turn.


I could hear Gerry entertaining Jensen with nursery rhymes. Absolutely no fear seen on his face. 



He even managed to wave and shout "hello mummy!" upon coming out from underwater! 

This assessment lasted only a short 10 minutes for each person, but I must say my boys' confidence towards swimming had been greatly boosted. I am looking forward to them starting their swimming lessons soon. No more hainanese chickens around! 

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