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Monday, October 06, 2014

Visit to the Dentist!

Julien’s teeth had been staining rather badly. As such, we decided it was time for his first visit to the dentist.

Mummy diligently queued at the polyclinic for a referral to the National Dental Centre in order to get subsidized rates (Almost 50% cheaper!). I managed to request for a paediatric dentist.

Here was how we prepared Julien for his first visit to the dentist. Julien was at an age where he only did things that were familiar to him. He was definitely not someone who could accept changes easily.

A couple of days before the visit, we kept telling him we would be bringing him to the dentist.

The night before, we showed him youtube videos about kid’s first visit to the dentist.

Here’s an animated cartoon version:

Then a real life video:

Julien became excited to go to the dentist!

When we reached the National Dental Centre, we were rather pleasantly surprised at the small children’s play corner.

2014-09-29 16.23.162014-09-29 16.23.37

2014-09-29 16.57.52

There were ipads at the play corner too.

By the way, did you spot the leave at the top that read “First visit age 1”? Julien was 3 years late…

After waiting for about 20 minutes, it was finally our turn!

The dentist asked me a few questions for a start such as if this was Julien’s first visit, does he suck his thumb, does he eat sweets and how often (my answer was about 3 gummies every other day. My sons were not exposed to hard sweets, lollies, chocolates, snacks and ice-cream yet.. but the dentist commented that sweets should only be given once a week at most!).

After the routine questioning, he got Julien to put on mini ‘sunglasses’.

2014-09-29 16.40.53

Julien was cool about it then proceeded to lie on the chair. It was all so familiar as Julien had seen it from the youtube videos he saw last night! Smile

The dentist was friendly and rather funny. He eased Julien into the process of cleaning quickly.The dentist took a look at his teeth and assured us that there were no decay. The black and brown stains were normal for kids his age as the bacteria were this color. After today’s session, he guaranteed us the stains would be back but grow lesser as Julien grows older. Phew!

The dentist then told us he would clean Julien’s teeth as much as Julien cooperated.

2014-09-29 16.41.11

Ready? Go!

2014-09-29 16.41.24

2014-09-29 16.43.26

I was so proud of Julien! He stayed still for almost 15-20 minutes and allowed the dentist to clean almost all of his teeth!

And while waiting for Julien in the room, I managed to entertain the little one with the animal stickers in there.

2014-09-29 16.45.42

2014-09-29 16.48.47

And after the big bro finished his cleaning, Jensen also wanted his teeth cleaned.

Sorry little boy, not today!

2014-09-29 17.00.58

So here’s Julien proud of his clean white teeth once again! Hooray!

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