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Monday, September 01, 2014

First day @ Preschool

We were all preparing for the big day. The day Jensen loses his freedom free-time.

I am no newbie in this matter. The night before, I was busy labelling and packing.

2014-08-31 14.34.47

It earned me a commendation from Jensen’s class teacher today. She said she wished every mom was as prepared as me. IKR.

This morning, I wondered if the little one knew what he was in for. He was still goofing around with his brother.

2014-09-01 07.50.48-1

2014-09-01 07.52.48-1

Just look at this little fella. Doesn’t he look ever ready for school??

Once he reached school, he strutted in. Followed the instructions for the hygiene inspection. And off he went to his classroom.

By the way, before today, the entire family was guessing which class he was going to be in. The classes were named after fruits. Julien’s class was Grape class.

Mango or Strawberry would be delicious nice. Or perhaps it would be Apple, or Banana maybe?

This morning, we found out. It was Starfruit class.

Hmm, not exactly a fruit that this Prince Of Fruits had tasted before. And I doubt if he would like the taste of it.

Anyway, when Jensen reached the entrance to his class, he sighted TOYS! He focused and aimed straight for them!

2014-09-01 08.33.09-1

I stayed while the teacher served breakfast. And he fed himself 3 mouthfuls before heading off for the toys again.

2014-09-01 08.38.14-12014-09-01 08.43.11-12014-09-01 08.49.25-2

My fearless prince loved the gigantic spider toy and sang Insy Winsy Spider while moving the spidey along.

After awhile…

Me: Jensen, mummy is going off to work now. You stay here and play ok?

Jen: I don’t want…

Me: Look at the toys! You play now. Mummy will fetch you back later ok?

Jen: Ok… *in a sad tone*

So I left. And, he didn’t wail, or scream, or cry. Mummy was so proud of her little prince. I hope after all the excitement of playing with the new toys had died down, he will not get into any separation anxiety.

It is my wish that Jensen finds favor with his teachers and schoolmates and enjoy every part of his learning experiences. May God grant him all wisdom, all favor.


Jayme Shing said...

Ah Jensen is off to school?! thats so fast! I cannot imagine the day Zoe goes to school.. I would probably be the one with the separation anxiety!

Jer Blinn Lim said...

Yes shing! So fast right?