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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Learning ABC through Leapfrog DVDs

I first stumbled upon Leapfrog last year. I was searching for educational videos for Julien to watch and came across this Letter Factory 4 parter series on youtube.

It was so captivating I actually watched all 4 parts with Julien! He was enjoying it as well because he was swaying and smiling as he watched the youtube videos. We had heard of Leapfrog brand from our friends and relatives who are parents but had not bothered to check it out. After watching it for myself, I got very impressed with it!

The hubby then went to ebay and found some of these second hand DVDs on sale.


We found a new hobby for Julien. Smile




Julien loves his ABCs now, thanks to Leapfrog! He even hums or sings some of the alphabets while bathing or playing.

Here’s the youtube video of part 1 of the Letter Factory series. Do take a look!

*This is NOT a paid review for Leapfrog.

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