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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Growing up together

I always believed my parents did family planning.

Val and I are 2 years apart. 6 years after Val, Jas came along and the following year, Daniel. Val and I grew up together… Jas and Dan came along later and they [fought and bickered as they] grew up together too. The four of us grew up in pairs so to speak.

Looking at my boys now, Jared and I have never regretted our decision to have them close together. They are 15 months apart by the way.


There are times often, the small brother seemed to irritate and get in the way of mr. big brother. But the small one looked like he is inspired, in awe and in love with his big bro all the time. (Though small one’s affection is sometimes shown by him happily hitting the bro!)

The big bro does shower him with care and attention when his mood is good and when the big-brotherly feeling overwhelms him suddenly. Or when he wants to feel encouraged by mummy (who will be crazily praising and cheering him on the side whenever he displays his brotherly affection towards the small one, like in the photo above).

It is great to see my two boys growing up with each other.

Seeing them play (and do wacky stuffs together)… There was once big bro sat on his toy bicycle and small one pushed him from behind. Then the big bro got up, small one sat in his place on the bicycle and the big one pushed him from behind this time. I don’t think there is anything ‘touching’ about this scene but mummy’s heart just melts at the sight of this…


Seeing them learn to share. Seeing them laughing together and laughing at each other. Seeing them eat and watch TV together.


And the list goes on…

Is it tough to handle 2 young kids at one go? Yeah, sometimes. But the joys I experience MUCH outweighs the hard work and inconveniences.

I LURVE LURVE LURVE my 2 boys and I never regret having them close together.

How about you parents? What are your thoughts and/or experiences?

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jotoh said...

love your 2 boys!