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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day Off

Sometimes, I do feel I work all the time. Don’t you mothers feel this way?

After working hours, it’s work too, looking after the kiddos.

Sometimes I wish I could just do my thing, and not worry about the work in the office or what to cook or think of places to bring the kids.

Today, it was that good day. A day some of my friends decided to come together just to relax, enjoy and do brainless things together.. Like eat and watch tv and play card games... 

And boy was I mighty glad that some of these friends are fantastic cooks! Lunch was whipped up by them!

After some real life episodes from Hell's Kitchen, a sumptuous lunch was finally ready!

^ Japanese cucumber and kim chi salad for starters.

^ Eggplant starters

^ Soya sauced beansprouts.

^ The most natural and healthy dish of the day – greens with lemon dressing.

^ Potato salad with fried egg in honey mustard dressing.

^ Korean pancakes. The ingredients were ham, kim chi and spring onions. To be eaten with Korean red peppers dipping sauce!

^ Minestrone soup.

^ Beef patties made lovingly from scratch!

^ Yummilicious sirloin beef.

Desserts coming up!

^caramelized bananas with rum and raisin ice-cream... Madness!

^ Can you see the satisfaction written all over our faces??

And we ended off with a brainless game of UNO...

It was a good good day for my soul..  Every mummy deserves a day like this. :) Good Friday everyone! 

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