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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Taiwan Day 1: Taipei Main Station Underground Mall

The hubby and I were excited for our 8D7N trip to Taiwan. We spent 2 nights in Taipei, then met up with our friends Keith & Shermin to go to Yilan for a quick 2D 1N trip, followed by Hualien for 2 nights and finally back to Taipei (including a trip to Xin Bei Tou and Danshui) for 3D 2N.
We got on to a Scoot flight and reached Taoyuan International Airport really early in the morning at 6:30am!
This time, we decided to take a bus to our hotel. The hubby had so wisely booked a hotel that is situated opposite the Taipei Main Railway Station. The bus to take is from the Kuo-Kuang company.
^Display boards showing bus timings. The Kuo-Kuang bus departs from the airport at intervals of about 20-30mins.
IMG_5406 IMG_5412
^We bought our tickets on the spot from the bus counters. No need to choose timings!
The journey took an hour and brought us almost to our doorstep!
I will be doing more posts on our hotels. Our first hotel accommodation was called New Stay Inn.
Now we were ready to start conquering Taipei… by looking for breakfast! The time was 8:30am. Most of the shops were not opened yet save for the food outlets.
^Fresh from the oven giant buns who were bigger than my face! Really cheaper when compared to SG…
We settled for this stall along the street near our hotel with a small seating area… There were a few of such shops around selling similar breakfast foods.
^Iced coffee (in TW it is called ‘冰咖啡’and not ‘咖啡冷的’) – A must for us at this time!
^Piping hot savory pancakes with fried egg, topped with sweet sauce!
^Delicious burger with a fried-on-the-spot meat patty.
After eating, time check 9+am. Still too early. Even the huge Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store was not opened yet. No, not even the shops at the Taipei Main Station.
In this metro station, you can find many linked malls including Station Underground Mall, Station Front Metro Mall and Q Square. Also, this metro station has 28 exits/entrances! So do make sure that you follow the signs and don't get lost...… and happy shopping!
^Shop shutters at the Underground Mall.
At around 10:30-11 am, you can start smelling the aroma of food and the bustling noise of the shutters being opened.
The shops here are a delectable mix of food stalls, cafes, small restaurants, bakeries, clothes, shoes, cosmetics, local produce.
I did not really have the time to explore these malls but I personally thought the fashion here (those that I had seen) is not too updated? However, I did hear from others that there are a lot of ladies’ shoes sold here at very good prices. Go check them out!
Outlets of beauty cum pharmacy chain Cosmed (somewhat similar to Watsons… Watsons can be found in Taiwan too) can be found readily underground. Do visit the bigger outlet to look for interesting stuffs.
Interesting stuffs like a small blue bottle of body spray that apparently effectively removes food smells from your clothes. It is called Xiong2 Bao3 Bei4 and is available in Cosmed.
I also bought a pack of facial masks from Cosmed.
^The box of masks (25 pieces) I bought that costs 349 NT (S$14.80 only!).
Gosh and the socks here at the Underground Mall! You’ve got to stock up on socks from here (and Raohe NM (it has more variety))! 4-6 pairs of socks for 100 NT! The hubby bought ten over pairs and wore them as disposables since they were soooo cheap!
Food wise, there was a section of the mall near the ‘Z’ entrances that sells smelly toufu. Beware, if you hate the smell! There are also cafes, restaurants, fast food and even specialty shops such as this famous cheese cake store at Q mall.
^Looks like nobody is here? Look again….
^It has a designated area for queuing!
We bought a cake to share. It was freshly baked and when eaten hot, it was fluffy and melts in your mouth. Really quite worth the wait!
The bakery next too it also sells delicious garlic breads in all sizes! YUMMY!
I am missing TW so much even as I blog… Do stay tuned for a lot more of my TW posts! :)


Dianaruth Guo said...

Hello Jerb!
Cool pix of TW. Thank you for sharing, I've never been to TW but it's in my travel destination list. ;) looking forward to ur nx post on TW ;)

Jerb said...

Tx Diana! ;)