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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Survival 101: Grocery runs with kids

As a parent of 2 young boys, time seems to always be a precious commodity.

Ideally, most of us parents will like to spend all our free time outside of work with them. But there are always the mundane things in life that we have to take time out to settle like grocery shopping.

I have a love-hate relationship with going “super-marketing.” Its kinda therapeutic to be walking along the aisle with fresh greens on one side and the cool air from the chillers blowing onto you on the other. BUT it can be far more stressful going to the supermarket with two young boys in tow.

ESPECIALLY when you are trying to read food labels or trying to figure out if the price of the “everyday low price” item is really of great value. One moment, my boys can be ripping off the sale labels off the shelves, the other moment they can be running amok in the supermarket and crashing into other shoppers’ trolleys. The pressure of having to keep my boys entertained, avoiding dagger stares and being a considerate shopper to other fellow shoppers in the supermarket all at the same time can really be intense.

Over the years, I have sort of perfected the art of going on grocery runs with my 2 boys in tow. Here are some tips that I hope you can find useful:

1) List down your shopping list AND stick to it.


I know this sounds cliché but treat going on the grocery run with your kids like an army mission. Know your targets and start hunting for them once you enter the store in order to minimize your time spent inside. You really don’t want your kids to get bored and start fussing as you shop.

2) Avoid the biscuits and baby food section at all costs!

2012-12-24 13.39.58

^Always HUNGRY!!!

Julien’s eyes tend to light up whenever he sees the Gerbers biscuits and gummies that he has eaten before. Even if I agree to buy the items he want, he who has yet to master the art of patience will want to rip open the box and consume them right away. You know the rest of the story when I ask him to “WAIT’’ till we get him before opening the item …………….

3) Look for the supermarket’s promotion brochure and pass them to your toddler.

2013-01-19 13.54.46

It’s a good time for them to practice their reading skills and maybe even help you find good buys! For young toddlers, it is always an amusing time to identify familiar items on the brochure.

4) Try to ensure a one adult to one kid ratio.

If I am bringing both my boys, I try to ensure my husband tags along to not just help to carry my groceries but also have an extra pair of eyes trained on my boys. The last thing I need is having them topple some display items in the supermarket.

 Star Tip: If you bring along your in-laws or your parents, you can even get some discounts off your total bill on certain days of the week which are designated Senior Citizen Day at some supermarkets. (Tuesday for NTUC Fairprice, Mondays & Fridays for Prime Mart etc)

5) Browse online beforehand to ensure greater value for your buck!


When I was young, one of my favorite activities was cutting out discount coupons every Thursday after my mum had pored through the day’s edition of the Straits Times to check on promotions by NTUC Fairprice. Fast forward to 2013, we no longer have to cut coupons but we can scroll online to check on the latest promotions without resorting to flipping through the papers. You can even compare between various supermarkets with ease!

 Star Tip: Here are the URLs of the promotional advertisements (mostly in PDF) from the major supermarkets in Singapore


6) Buy in bulk to qualify for free delivery for bulky items.

Cold Storage and GIANT offer such services if your final bill exceeds $150 and $200 respectively. No more lugging of bulky items up and down the car or up and down the lift. Get them delivered to your home!


I hope you had enjoyed my review on Pampers (if not, read them here, here, here and here) as well as the parenting tips brought to you by Pampers Singapore so far (if not, click here, here and here)!

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