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Monday, May 13, 2013

Homecooked Food Weekend: Pineapple Rice, Tom Yum Soup, Honey Baked Chicken Wings and Lemongrass Tea

It was the weekend again and Val is finally back from her Spain holiday after over 2 weeks! I thought she would like to have something Asian after 2 weeks of tapas. So I decided to prepare a Thai dinner.

With the help of Dancing Chef…

Tom Yampineapple rice

Since it was NO MSG, NO preservatives and NO artificial coloring, why not?

I followed the instructions behind the packs. The recipes are also available on the Dancing Chef’s website. Here is the Tom Yum Soup recipe and the Pineapple Rice recipe.


^My Tom Yum soup using prawns, sliced fish fillet and straw mushrooms.


^Here’s my pineapple rice. I used chicken breast meat instead of prawns (some of us are rather sensitive to seafood) and chopped carrots. I also used raisins and pork floss for garnish.

The honey baked chicken wings’ recipe is here, from Noob Cook again.


^I added some Hua Diao Wine into the marinade and gave the chicken a lovely thorough massage! Kept it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours for the marinade to seep into the chicken meat.


^Chicken in progress


^The end result… Blackened tips for not following Noob Cook’s instructions!

Lastly, here is my lemongrass tea recipe. According to and many other health websites, lemongrass is widely known for its healing and health benefits. Its uses include:

• Cough, cold & sore throats

• Anxiety

• High cholesterol

• Type 2 diabetes

• Colitis

• Digestion

• Rough, dry, scaly skin

• Acne

• Constipation

• Kidney detoxification

• Insomnia

• Relaxation & deep sleep

What an amazing grass! (I am going to walk over to the fridge to pour myself another glass of this tea after I type this!)


^Pounding my lemongrass (and dirtying my kitchen floor) so that its flavor can be ‘released’.


^Looks like a pot of mess? Look again! Lemongrass, pandan leaves and ginger – all things good!

Sweetened the fantastic tea with rock sugar and when served chill, was an awesome and detoxifying end to our Thai food that day!

Wishing all a great week ahead and keep cooking for your family! ;)


Dianaruth Guo said...

Not a big of thai food. But the lemon grass tea recipe is just right for me now. Me and kids (2 out of 3) are sick. *Cough cough* ;) thanks for sharing.

Jerb said...

O dear! Take care! I really liked the lemongrass tea too :)