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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 1: Taipei (Wu Fen Pu 五分埔 and Shida Night Market 師大路夜市)

By noon, we had headed for Wu Fen Pu – the famous wholesale clothes market. This was not a right move because Wu Fen Pu opens later in the afternoon at about 1-2pm.


As our day started real early on our first day and we did not manage to catch much sleep on the plane, we were honestly feeling bushed as we walked around the few shops that had opened in the early noon.


In my zombified state, I found the fashion to be alittle unexciting among the limited shops I visited there. I have friends who rave about the clothes and yet there are others who commented that the fashion here is dated. It’s worth a trip there if you have time in Taiwan but do NOT visit Wu Fen Pu on Mondays as they mostly entertain the retailers on that day of the week. Clothes for men, women and children are available.

How to get to Wufenpu: Take an MRT train to Hou Shan Pi Station. Leave the station by Exit 1 and walk north along Jhongpo N. Rd. to the intersection of Jhongpo N. Rd. and Yongji Road. Wufenpu is on the left.

Normally after shopping at Wufenpu, people would head down to the nearby Raohe Night Market for part 2- food! However, we went back to our hotel for a snooze and decided to visit the Shida Night Market instead that evening.


How to get to Shida Night Market: Alight at Taipower Building Station Exit 3. Walk for about 5-10mins before reaching the night market.


Shida is a place near 2 universities so you can expect a younger, hippier crowd and fashionable clothing stores. You will also notice more foreign students here. This is the best night market for shopping, among those I had visited!


^A famous looking bun shop along the way to Shida from the metro station.

We came to a nice, warm eatery upon reaching Shida. And we decided to have a healthy(ier) dinner.



The concept was like Niang Dou Fu where you get to choose your ingredients which included meatballs, bean curd products, vegetables, noodles.



^So many sauces and dips to try!


^Cosy interior.


Very tasty and satisfying meal we had here though it was rather pricy (we paid about S$12-14 for our 2 bowls).

I tried the much raved about 王子面 (literally translated as Prince’s Noodles) but it turned out to be like maggi mee which I am not a fan of.

In my opinion, this night market’s food offerings is not as good and varied as the others like Shilin or Raohe but it is more for shopping. Good news for the men cos the shopping for the men here is really cool! (The hubby had a good time sweeping quite a number of stuffs off the racks too!) Nothing for the kiddos here though.





^Clothes I considered for my fashion conscious brother! I got him the polka dotted jeans shirt eventually…

There were a few stalls here selling accessories (mostly Korean style).


^Nail foils for my little sis.

I got these foils from a small stall in the night market and there were such limited designs to choose from. I got these 3 for 200 NT. Alas! When I left the night market, I saw a stall just set up outside the metro station area selling a TABLE FULL of nail foils. Here, 4 packs cost 200NT!!! ARGHHH!


^Falsies going for S$6 for a pack of 10 sets.

There were a couple of pretty cool lifestyle cafes around…


and a nice bakery called I Jy Sheng, that we chanced upon!



^Nicely wrapped confectionery.. very good for gifts!


^Don’t you LOVE breads??!

All in all, the hubby and I really enjoyed shopping at this night market. Most of our clothes we bought during this trip was from here. :)

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