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Monday, April 22, 2013

Pampers Active Baby Series (Part 3)

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Your baby’s diapers ‘explode’ (with pee or poo of course) at a place with no toilets nearby?


Or a place like the water park with no proper baby changing facility?


WHAT IF you are too lazy to bring your baby to the diaper changing station? (This is most often the case for me!)

When I first got promoted to be a mummy, I used to worry about this issue. I thought I should (a) either not bring my baby to places with no diaper-changing facility (I am not even certain of which places provide!) or (b) not go out for too long with my babies at all!

But I realized the solution soon enough…  Get baby pants and bring these out instead of the normal diapers!

You can change your baby out of those soiled diapers on the spot,where ever you are!


Easy peasy! BUT… I had another important concern. Mummy had to find trusted baby pants that would be able to keep my babies dry.

Both my boys are water guzzlers ESPECIALLY Julien!

Ju and Jen

He LOVES drinking water. Every hour he would be looking for a cup or bottle of water…

Input alot = Output alot

I had to find trusted baby pants to hold my babies’ pee well as they scoot around outdoors during the day!

I am glad this issue was solved when I discovered Pampers Active Baby Pants is able to keep up to 12 hours of dryness! And like its diapers, it has an extra locking layer that helps lock away wetness to keep baby dry.

Besides, the baby pants though very absorbent is absolutely not bulky (so it does not take up too much space in my already-very-full diaper bag) and specially tailored for your baby’s comfort (more in my last post on Pampers next week!).  

Yippee! No more worries at all for me when I bring my babies out the whole day now :)

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