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Monday, April 08, 2013

Pampers Active Baby Series (Part 1)

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We all know Singapore ain’t the cheapest of places to raise up kids. As a parent of 2 very young boys, I have come to realize that besides the pre-school education expenses, the biggest recurrent expenses are made up of the following:

i) Medical bills

Every time we pay the paediatrician a visit, I come out of the clinic with a renewed conviction to inspire my sons to want to be doctors i.e. more specifically to study paediatric medicine – after we see the medical bill each time of course!

ii) Formula Milk

The primary source of nutrition for young toddlers above 6 months/after the breastmilk feeding phase and boy……. I mean both my boys are major guzzlers of this!

iii) Diapers

Choice of mine was disposable diapers, for convenience’s sake and the fact that the hubby is a stickler for hygiene!

I had the good fortune recently to be invited by OMY to be one of the reviewers for Pampers – Active Baby & Active Pants Series. Frankly when the opportunity came up, I thought it was a no-brainer to go for it as I have virtually experimented with every brand of diaper that sits on that supermarket shelf so *ahem*, I should be quite qualified to chip in a few of my comments :)

And like what I wrote earlier, diapers is a major recurrent costs for most young parents and we should really be choosing the most comfortable yet pocket-friendly diaper for our little princes and princesses.

But seriously I need no real introduction to Pampers – this is one of the more common diaper brands that many of our fellow young parent friends use. AND which other word is so synonymous with the word diapers? Case in point, my mum-in-law refers to diapers as Pampers – regardless of what brand of diapers that is!

There you go, Pampers has really been a trusted household name for disposable diapers and I have grown to understand (*after much poo and pee*) why this is so. This post is part I of a eight-parter series over the course of a month proudly sponsored by Pampers. We kicked off with cutie-pie Jensen trying out his Active Baby Diapers and here’s why I will recommend Pampers!

1) It keeps my baby DRY

This is the primary function of a diaper – To absorb the poo & pee and keep our babies dry. Pampers Active Baby series promise up to 12 hours of dryness and I must say Pampers does this very well. Seeing is believing…

I changed Jensen into his Pampers at 9pm before putting him to bed. These are the pictures of the diaper BEFORE USE.



^Jensen looks really happy and comfy wearing the diapers!

After a full bottle of milk for the night feed, a few sips of water before going to bed AND 11 hours later in the morning at 8am…


^My boy looking happy in the morning!

Here’s how the Pampers diaper looked like overnight…



^I know it looks really full right? But no leaks at all! Happy Baby = Happy Mummy


^side view


^front view

I must say, the Pampers Active Baby Series diaper did a good job of holding the pee overnight!

2) It keeps me SANE

Two schools of thoughts for those of us who use disposable diapers for our babies – A) Use a cheaper diaper and change numerous times through the day or B) Use a premium diaper and change just a few times a day.

I am frankly the kind of parent who chooses her battles so (B) is for me. I much rather shell out a bit more $$$ (Pampers might be premium in quality but its prices are really not much of a premium over other brands, wait till you see the prices of the Japanese imported brands!) than lose sleep by waking up every night to help my boy change his diaper and prevent him from converting his mattress into a water bed!

With Pampers Active Baby diapers, my boys and I can sleep through the night without a nary of a worry that he will soil his mattress. And hey, using lesser diapers in a day go a small way in helping the environment too. ;)

3) It keeps my SICK baby DRY

Jensen was down with a bout of diarrhoea and fever recently.


Usually his diapers tend to overflow due to the large volume of watery poo and small chocolate puddles will mark the places Jensen sits on with his soiled diapers. Argghhhhh………….. But thank God, this time round he was wearing the Pampers Active Baby diaper. We were pleasantly surprised no side leaks at all despite his frequent episodes of watery poo.

Kudos once again to Pampers which apparently has an extra-locking layer which helps to lock away wetness and keep my darling (and my home) dry!

To end off, here’s wishing everyone a Happy Monday… And do watch this space for more posts brought to you by Pampers!

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Edmund said...

Love the post! :) And I will definitely buy pampers when my kids need it! :)