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Saturday, April 13, 2013

National Siblings Day

National Siblings Day. I’ve heard about Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and even Grandparent’s Day. But National Siblings Day?

I had only heard of this recently and it happened just 3 days ago on 10 April this year. So this post is dedicated to my one and only bunch of siblings….!

As the saying goes, “Blood is thicker than water”. And this I fully agree.

Me and my siblings, we are REALLYREALLYREALLY close.

2012-12-25 17.21.55

^Christmas 2012

I am the eldest, #2 Val is 2 years younger than I am, #3 Jas is 8 years younger and #4 Dan is 9 years younger.


^God knows when this was taken!?

3 roses and a thorn. And we click super well with one another.


^ 2007 trip to Taiwan.

Perhaps circumstances brought us close together. Our parents left us at a young age (Dad passed away when I was 18 years old and mum passed away 2 years later). We had to fend for one another and take care of our grandma who had dementia. But well, we could have fall out with each other or hated our family. But no, we did not. We each made good effort to love and take care of one other.

Bonding moments…

2013-04-12 11.13.59

^We do silly wacky things together like just yesterday?!



Even after I got married 5 years ago and moved out of the house  that we lived together…


my siblings never fails to visit me or we would have dinners together almost about once every week. Talk about commitment.

We were always there for each other through our good times and bad…


^Jas’s School of Theology graduation a couple of years back.


^Jensen’s one-month old gathering


^A very proud moment :)

I am really thankful for my sisters & brother and I do love them deeply.

My prayer now is - that my own 2 little sons also grow up to be close to each other, watching out for each other’s interests.


Love is not automatic and mummy is teaching the little boys everyday to love, share and care for each other.

Happy National Siblings Day with love!

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