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Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Fever-Fighting Routine

When my baby looks flushed, feels warmer than usual, appears irritable, my natural instinct like most mothers will be to reach for that ear thermometer. And when dreaded number appears in excess of 37.5 degrees celsius, my much-practised routine kicks in! Here’s what works for my kids in general:

1. Don’t fret!

2. Feed the appropriate medication.

I give either paracetamol or ibuprofen (in an alternate manner but never together!). Check with your doctor for the correct dosage for your child’s age.

3. Make sure your child is well-hydrated. 


4. Please do not wrap your child like a Subway sandwich! I try to make sure my kids wear loose clothing and sleep under the cool radius of a fan.

5. Bring your child’s temperature down.

Here are the things that I do to get the temperature down….

a) Sponging with cool water, and even showering with lukewarm water.

b) Pasting a fever patch on the forehead (we buy the Koolfever Relief Pads from NTUC for S$5.80 for 6 pieces).


c) Our ‘secret’ weapon: A cooling pad!


We bought the full-length (about the same length as Jensen) cooling mat from one of the Japanese discount stores along Bugis Street for under S$10! I think this is a BEST-BUY in my opinion. Inside it is a cooling gel. You do not need to refrigerate or freeze it. It is just naturally cool by itself!

We get the boys to sleep on it whenever they run a fever. And of course they hate it. So we have to wait until they are sound asleep before we place this mat under their body.

Very COOL! Works like sponging our kids without all that dampness.

6. Last of all, do keep your baby comfy and dry with good quality breathable diapers like Pampers. A sick & worse still uncomfortable baby makes a VERY cranky, unhappy baby!


Have a good work week everyone!

*This post is brought to you by Pampers Singapore*

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