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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Easy recipes… and becoming a 90% good mom


Ever since I had a family… I mean a full-fledged one… I mean the family with real young kiddos, I made up my mind to be more domesticated.

Either that, or I get domestic help.

I want to provide healthy, nutritious, home-cooked meals for the boys (including the big one) in my life. Just the way my mom did when I was young.

I am so mighty glad I got myself a domestic helper who likes to cook and learns to do so quickly. She learnt so much from my mother-in-law in such a short time and we now eat at home every weekend.

I do the marketing (yes I do enjoy marketing at the local wet market) and directing. She does the actual cooking and washing of course.

I do feel a tad bad that I do not actually do the cooking. I get the nagging feeling that I am not the 100% good mom. Maybe now, only the 75% good mom (many percentage points deducted because of not being able to do the cooking).

One good day, a colleague of mine who loves to cook and bake and has young kids of her own, brought home-cooked assam fish curry to work. It tasted heavenly! Her recipe was from the the noobcook’s website.

I like the name. NOOBCOOK.

It sounds ALOT like me.

I went home that day and browsed the website. I was pleasantly surprised and very excited to see that the recipes were VERY doable! Yippee! There is hope I can be a 90% good mommy now (I need another post to explain the remaining 10%).

And so I tried noobcook’s assam fish recipe.


It was a little too sour maybe because I enthusiastically added too much tamarind. BUT I must say, honestly, that it still tasted great with hot fluffy white rice! My siblings enjoyed it so much they took extra portions of rice to go with this spicy dish. :) SUCCESS!

As the hubby does not take assam and fish (and many other stuffs especially the green ones), I whipped up another dish of steamed egg tofu with braised meat. Another recipe I found on the same website.


^Looks good doesn’t it? Tastes good too :)

I will definitely be exploring more recipes the next weekends.

Thanks NoobCook for imparting your recipes to noobier cooks like me!

1 comment:

dianaruth said...

impressive! I am a noobcook fan too! But I must say your results are much better looking than mine. I guess it's a matter of flair! =) WAY TO GO!