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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bonding with my kids

I am a full-time working mum and I really have ALOT to thank my mother-in-law and domestic helper for. Taking care of my kids when I am away at work…

Have I ever considered switching to part-time or quitting my job to be a stay-at-home tai tai mum? YES definitely! But I, being the workaholic and of course wanting to increase the standard of living for my family, decided to stay put.

And with that decision to continue to work full-time, I told myself that I got to put in a 101% effort to bond with my kids.


The hubby and I hug (& kiss) both my kids ALOT every day.


We love to play this little game with our them. Hubby and I will be on each side of one of them, we count to three slowly, then both of us give him a BIG bear hug and plant a juicy fat kiss on each side of his face.

You should see their faces! Bursting with so much happiness and joy. Try it with your kid!


Parenting is love in action. And a great way to express your love to your kids is simply to tell them “I LOVE YOU”.

We tell our kids that we love them… EVERYDAY… Many times…



I remember when I was a kid, I would love to get my dad and mum to play my favorite games with me (Yeah, I probably was that irritating kid who frequently bothered my parents to play with me all the time…). My family bonded through family time during a monopoly game, jigsaw puzzles…


I also find great joy to read an animated storybook to my kids. I usually go crazy in front of my kids – roaring like a mad lion, jumping like a happy monkey, meowing non-stop (complete with the whiskers action) like a cat… Everything was exaggerated to capture their attention, help them to learn and to make them laugh! I admit sometimes we laugh so much together, we would be in tears… :) I find reading a great time to bond as well.


I mentioned a few blogposts ago that the hubby and I decided to bring the kids out often to help them to ‘see’ the world as well as to spend time experiencing the outdoors together as a family.



Even if it is just the playground near our house, the kids would be elated…


And I make the effort to not just sit at one corner watching them play but engage them. At the playground, this (crazy) mum would be playing catching with the kids (they absolutely love it but oh how tiring for mummy!), praising them to the skies for being SO brave when they conquered the slides.

So, what are the ways you bond with your kids? Do share some precious tips!

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jy choo said...

i have no tips for now.. but can relate.. coz thats the way i treat my pet dog ( not saying kids are dogs) but the love and care is more or less the same. every word you say to them either gives them life or death. coz words are EXTREMELY powerful


Mark said...

i have NO tips yet. but thats how i treat my pet dog( not saying that kids are dogs, but the principle is the same). everytime i come home i will hug and squeeze my dog and tell him all the wonderful things, like how precious he is, how much we love him and all that. coz words are EXTREMELY powerful, it can give life or death.