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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bath Time Battles: My Toddler HATES The Bath!

I think it all started when we first exposed Julien to swimming in a  real pool when he just turned 12 months old during our trip to Penang. We always hear our friends gushing about how their kids love to play in the water and were excited to introduce him to an afternoon dip with us in while we were on holiday at Hard Rock Hotel Penang. The meandering pool, multiple water slides, little floats and inflatable boats…….. We thought our little man was going to be in for a treat and take to the water like a fish.

BUT…………. He was more like a cat in the face of that gigantic pool of blue, almost adverse to getting himself wet. Certainly also not too thrilled with all that water splashing onto his face and that occasional dunk sort of frighten him big-time.


^Doesn’t Julien look horrified?!!

Since then, he began his love-hate relationship with bath-time.

On good days, he will just whine as he reluctantly troop into the shower. But on bad days, he will wail as if tomorrow will never come. My neighbours will be forgiven for thinking we are some chronic child-abusers. We just have the good fortune of not having the men in blue come knocking on our door yet. *fingers crossed*

As Julien grew older, and oh yes stronger, he will resort to battling it all out – punch, kick, holler (*think war cry*) in his futile attempts to avoid the bath. The hubby will jokingly ask  after each bathtime with Julien stepping out weary and mummy feeling bruised, “How many chickens and pigs were slaughtered in the abattoir (aka bathroom) today?”. Boy………You cannot imagine the din behind that closed bathroom door! I never knew bathtime can be so emotionally distressing for both mother and child.

In an attempt to make bathtime more appealing for our little man, hubby and I cracked our brains to conjure up stuffs to lure Julien to bath in the hope of reducing his level of agitation during bath time. Some of our tricks worked to some extent….… and I would like to share these with fellow mummies and daddies who experience the same daily battle as us.


Like a bait to a fish. Self-explanatory.


It’s interesting to see how fascinated my son is with shampoo suds.

I scrub his hair with the shampoo, gather the shampoo suds between my thumb and index finger, then flick them to the floor.

----SHORT PAUSE-----

*Giggles Aplenty!!!*

I also draw smiley faces on the wall using these suds.

2013-03-25 18.48.49

And I begin naming these smiley faces… Daddy (his favorite character), Mummy (next favorite), Jensen and so on…!

Shampoo suds… Highly entertaining I must say!


My next weapon, literally…

2013-04-01 21.15.24

Bubble Power!

2013-04-01 21.15.40

2013-04-01 21.15.44

These bubbles have never failed me thus far!


These days, I no longer sing my favorite songs in the bathroom. I sing HIS favorites instead. All time rock classics like “The Wheels On the Bus” gets him happy and dancing whilst mummy soaps him from head to toe furiously!

With these tricks, I have a more manageable, much better behaved son during his bath time these days. *Sigh of relief*!

And before you think the battle is all over, do complete your baby/toddler’s comfort regime for the day after bath with good comfy diapers (like Pampers!). Remember, a happy baby makes a happy mummy (and daddy). :)

2013-04-01 21.19.23

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dianaruth said...

wah sau! I applaud you dedication. That lots of effort!

Curious. What time were you awake today? (eyeing at the time stamp of the post) O.O

Jerb said...

HAHA! No I was not so hardworking! I had set the time of the publishing. :)