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Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Sweetie

Yes, I am talking about Julien. :)

Ju to school

Julien & Jensen

His smile (especially when he sees the camera in front of him) is enough to melt one’s heart.

Just yesterday, I was fetching him from school as usual. He greeted me with a huge smile on his face then excitedly took up his trolley bag to leave the drama cum waiting-for-parents room.

He walked to the shoe cabinet and stopped in his path. I told him to bring down his shoes but he didn’t. Instead, he held onto my hand and tugged me to follow him. He was leading me away from the exit…

Hmm… what is my little boy up to this time?

He walked towards the empty classrooms and stopped in front of a lighted computer room. His face brightened up with a smile and he waved and said “Bai!” (Or “Bye”. Julien just mastered the word “Bye” and so it sounded like “Bai! (with a staccato)).

At this point, I couldn’t see who or what he was waving to.

Then one of the teaching assistants, a motherly-looking, plumpish lady walked out… grinning. She placed her hands to her heart and said “Awww, Julien knew I was here and came here to look for me, just to say ‘Goodbye’.”


She then gave him a big bear hug.

Isn’t he such a sweetie???


Have a happy Easter everyone!


Jayme Shing said...

So happy u are back at blogging Jerb!! And julien is sooooo sweet! *heart melts too!*

Jerb said...

Thks Shing! Yes gonna try to blog again!