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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Lawry’s Experience… at last!

For my birthday last week, the hubby so wonderfully booked lunch at Lawry’s. I was honestly quite excited about this because I am a steak lover!


The restaurant’s setting was formal. Singaporeans, try not to wear your bermudas and flip-flops there!



The classic bread and butter was served as we pondered over the menu…


We decided we should each order a set of steak and Lawry’s supposed best prime ribs.

Our waitress who served us was a dedicated one.


I could tell that she would be standing in a corner, watching our every move. When we’ve finished one course, she would come over to check if we like our next course to be served. The other waiters would ensure our water glasses are always full too.  I wonder if they would be as attentive if the restaurant was more packed.. 

Anyway, back to our food… For the USDA Prime Rib, there are the Singapore Cut, the California Cut, the English Cut, the Lawry’s Cut and the  “Diamond Jim Brady” Cut.

Thank God, the hubby saw that his fellow four-squarers had recommended the English Cut (three thin slices) as the portion was just nice. So that was ordered.


The Prime Rib lunch included…

The Famous Original Spinning Bowl Salad.


This lady would come along and pour a cup of their vintage dressing into the bowl of salad and spin the bowl atop a bigger bowl of ice.


Salad was served with a chilled fork. How sweet of them…

The salad contained lettuce, beetroot, cherry tomatos,  mashed egg and croutons. I added seasoned pepper to it. It was a tasty salad but I thought the dressing (which honestly tasted like thousand island sauce) was a tad too much for my liking.

Yorkshire Pudding.


Tasted like a more puffy version of French Toast. It was supposed to be good with the meat gravy.

Whipped Cream horseradish and normal horseradish.


This was left almost untouched. It tasted like wasabi which I did not like…

And lastly, the mains – English Cut Prime Ribs with Idaho Mashed Potato.


Hmm… I had thought it would come in ‘rib form’. The one with bones? But it arrived in 3 thin slices as stated in the menu.

And its arrival came in this queer looking ‘vehicle’…


It was a portable oven!


A chef came with our dedicated waitress who asked me for the type of meat I preferred. My prime rib which was done medium well was very tender and succulent.

I had no space in my stomach for almost all of the whipped potato and the pudding…

The hubby ordered the prime black angus steak- single cut ribeye steak, also done medium well.


Choice of black pepper, mushroom or bearnaise sauce is available.

The beef was juicy and very well cooked.

He also added on mushroom soup, dessert and coffee to complete the meal.





Hubby almost regretted ordering the set meal as he too had no more space for dessert and coffee after the main course. We merely sampled the cake and coffee and we could only conclude- Lawry’s is a place for the meat only. ;)

It was a very filling (*burp) experience at Lawry’s. I would say that it’s meat offerings is superior. However, I had to deal with 2 days of indigestion after this meal. Too much good meat for my stomach to handle I say!

By the way, you may be interested to know that we enjoyed a 1-for-1 promotion for lunch. Payment must be made with a DBS/POSB credit or debit card.

Lawry’s The Prime Rib Singapore

333A Orchard Road


Mandarin Gallery

Tel: 6836 333

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