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Friday, March 22, 2013

Le Noir Singapore

Thanks to a good friend of mine, I got to watch my first ever cirque performance with the hubby last night.



This was also my first time at the Marina Bay Sands theatre.


I realized that you could buy snacks and drinks into the theatre just like in the cinemas.


But of course, get ready for MBS prices like S$5.90 for a pack of M&Ms.


I couldn’t help wonder how the performance was going to happen on such a puny stage as this. Looked like it is indeed going to be an intimate setting. Can’t wait!….

Once the performance started, it was 100% entertainment for the rest of the night.


The performers were dressed in white, red and black for the entire show and I personally liked the white best. Reminded me of a Victoria Secret fashion show except there were beautiful women AND well-built (& really hunky) men strutting around.



The hubby and I were awed and absolutely blown away by the strength, flexibility, coordination and balancing skills of every talented performer. There was NO room for any error at all!







Every act was near perfect, if not perfect! I was wondering how young these performers should have started out in order to achieve such skills and how hard and long they must have practiced every day. Do they feel nervous at EVERY single show?? I felt nervous for them! I would be thinking “Will they fall? “ “Will they fly?” “Will they drop?”

But they DIDN’T!

Watch out also for the highly amusing clown that comes out during different intervals.



For those of you sitting at the front near the stage or near the aisle, BEWARE!


The clown is such a public entertainer by getting the audience to burst out in laughter and engage with him constantly. I guess it helps that he looks like Charlie Chaplain. ;)

All in all, the hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire show. We agreed that it is a world class act!



*Applause Applause*!!! According to the website, the shows are running until 7 April 2013. Do catch it if you can! (By the way, this post is not a sponsored review Smile)

Note: If you are driving, do note you can redeem a complimentary carpark coupon by showing your tickets to the concierge.

PS: I apologize for the bad photos taken. They were taken on my iPhone and no flash photography was allowed!

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