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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bangkok Food

The last time we visited Bangkok, we targeted the restaurants like Shabushi, Sizzler, Coca. This time round, we also did but just two – Din Tai Fung & MK. We wanted very much to go for the Coca steamboat buffet that we read about online. It was supposed to be available only at Siam Square but Siam Square was under renovation when we were there. Not sure if they would still offer the buffet after its renovation.

Anyway,  for food posts, let’s just get the pictures to do most of the talking.

Here are our orders from DIN TAI FUNG.


This was some spicy meat la mian with beans.


The hubby’s very healthy order of vermicelli with meat dumpling soup.


Hot and sour soup.


Chef’s recommendation of xiaolongbao. The skin was delicate yet firm enough to hold the ingredients. Once I bit into it, the soup inside the bao burst forth into my mouth! All XLBs should be juicy like this!


Chilli crab bun with generous portion of crab meat.


Overall, the food here was very healthy (think less oil, less salt) and the ingredients used were fresh and of good quality.

During this trip, most of our meals were taken at the FOODCOURT @ PLATINUM SHOPPING MALL. IMG_2496

This very spicy-looking Tom Yum Goong vermicelli. Not too spicy when I tasted it. And I must say the ingredients were not alot so I felt it wasn’t worth the 100B (S$4) I had paid.

We also tried the curry chicken herb rice and beef noodles. Seems that rice dishes are slightly cheaper and more filling.


The bigger plate of mango sticky rice for 100B as well. Hmm… definitely not as cheap as I expected foodcourt prices to be.


We just couldn’t resist another plate of dessert here. An oreo and vanilla ice cream crepe. Looks good right? But it was really stuffed with too much whipped cream for our liking.

On our 2nd last day, we made a trip down to Terminal 21. We were deciding whether to have our lunch at Manhattan, which was cheaper than in Singapore, or the TERMINAL 21 FOODCOURT. Thank God we eventually chose the latter!

We put in a value of 250B (=S$10) in our card and we ate like kings!


My egg omelette rice that cost 30B! I could choose 3 ingredients for my omelette and I just had to choose prawns to make my 30B even more worth it! Winking smile


I could tell this salad stall was popular when I saw the queue. I had to order something from it. My choice was the fried chicken salad that costs only 45B!

Then we ordered the oyster egg omelette.


Wow, it was fried to near perfection and utter crispiness! It came with raw crunchy bean sprouts. Nice combination!


Many of the stalls had the most amazing condiments to choose from. We two were chilli lovers and were absolutely thrilled by the variety of chillies available in different forms.

Jared had horfun and he loved it.

Dessert galore at the dessert stall. Looking at the stall made us feel excited already.


We just had to try the durian sticky rice… 30B here only!


The durian was sweet, the coconut milk was warm. It was a dessert to remember. It was AWESOME to the max!

We even had REAL fruit juice. We could choose cranberries, blueberries, raspberries, passionfruit, mangoes, bananas etc and get it juiced on the spot. The most exotic combinations come up to only 39B per cup!

This foodcourt is cleaner, brighter, has yummier food all at fantastic prices! We love T21 foodcourt! Open-mouthed smile

We also recommend the DAIRY QUEEN blizzards in Bangkok. We are huge fans of it. A large cup of blizzard with generous ingredients at 45B is just too irresistible to miss!

We tried the mocha almond blizzard this trip and loved it! Do try it when you are there! Dairy Queen is available at MBK shopping mall, Terminal 21 as well as airport (pricier there at the airport).

Thanx for reading and have a great week!

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