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Monday, September 17, 2012

My first trip to the Singapore Zoo!

Not mine but Julien’s and Jensen’s.


Daddy bought Julien a giraffe balloon for his birthday. He liked it so much, we thought we should bring him to see the REAL thing!

Too bad we came to the zoo at a time just before Kai Kai and Jia Jia arrived in SG.


I am really proud of our Zoo as it is constantly upgrading and improving. It must definitely be one of the best zoos in the world. :)

Since this was the first time we brought our kids here, we realized how kid-friendly this place was.

There were strollers and wagons  available for rental. But thank God Julien enjoys walking by himself.

It was a very good thing that we were able to view some of the animals up close and personal because Julien is at the age where he is totally not interested and too distracted to look at the animals from a distance.

And so, the animals that were viewed behind the glass enclosure like the turtles and baboons, managed to capture Julien’s attention that day…




We ventured into the Rainforest Kidzworld – A part of the zoo that we had never really went into before.

First up, we went to look at the goats.

And oh how Julien enjoyed feeding the goats!


With enthusiastic kids like Julien, I believe the goats will never be in a malnourished state!


Julien chuckled every time the goats chew onto the leaves he was holding. It must be very ticklish for him to see those big teeth in action!

This next feature available at our zoo is every kids’ heaven…

A giant water play area!



Julien still didn’t enjoy water play and only managed 10 mins here…

The adults had lunch at KFC situated just beside the water play area. It’s a monopoly here cos there are no other eateries in this area.

Beside the water play area, there is a showroom of a kampong style house. I thought it quite strange and out of place to have this in the zoo.

Anyway, we took a picture with one of the gigantic insects (fake ones) – the cockroach in the house. Julien was so brave to pose nicely in front of it!


Further on, we ventured to a few other play stations. More fun for the kids!


Julien loved this shaking bridge. He climbed through it FIVE times continuously!


A raft available at the shallow water area


Kids playground

After a long and tiring day, we adults decided…. RIVER CRUISE TIME! Not that it was exciting at all, but we needed to sit down and rest our aching legs!



The ride took about 15 mins. We were told that we could spot up to about 3 animals while cruising. We didn’t. This cruise is honestly quite boring.


As usual, the little one was goofing around. He brought some entertainment to us adults. ;)

Finally, we managed to catch the orang utans feeding time!


It was quite an interesting sight to see the orang utans so near to us, getting their food from the zookeeper.



I am not sure if my kids enjoyed themselves that day… but I am sure Julien enjoyed the companionship of his dear cousins!


Thanks for reading everyone and may you have a zoo-tastic week ahead!

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