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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Signs of growing up



is NOT just a picture of a wound.

Nor is it a picture of a wound with many bruises.


It’s to me, the first sign of independence and growing up.

While grandma was worried about the wound (not disinfecting and cleaning the wound properly), I was more delighted to know Julien did not cry or run to daddy/mummy when he fell down many times that day he played with his cousins.

But then again, I do love the times when he would run to daddy or me whenever he hurt himself.

Not that it seemed painful for him but I believe it was because he wanted us to shower him with care and affection.

And even though we knew it was probably not painful, we would lovingly hug him and kiss his ‘wound’ till his love tank was overflowing and a smile appeared on his face again. I ♥ to see my boy happy and knowing he is very very loved.

So while I am proud to see him growing up and doing new things he has never done before, I am also hoping at the same time that he would not grow up so quickly.


Contradicting isn’t it? Mummies do you feel the same way? :)

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