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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Julien’s hospitalization

If you had read my earlier posts, you could tell we had a good family holiday at Club Med.

Quite the opposite happened once we landed back in Singapore..

To keep a long story short, Julien vomitted 8 times that day from 3-10pm. We brought him to our GP who advised that he should refrain from milk and just take plenty of fluids like 100+, diluted fruit juices.

The following day, he puked twice and took in mostly fluids.

The morning after, we finally prepared to go back to work since Julien seemed better. We did not give Julien any milk for breakfast as he was not completely well. As usual, we drove to our in-laws’ to drop Julien and the maid off before going to work.

Just a short distance after we left, the hubby’s mobile rang. It was from my in-laws’ house. He picked up the phone and uttered the words “Huh?! Ok, we are going back now!”

The hubby told me that it was my mum-in-law and she said that Julien had fainted at her doorstep!

My heart stopped a beat. Tears welled up in my eyes uncontrollably.

When we reached home, I was real shocked to see my MIL with Julien lying in her arms. My MIL looked desperate and almost helpless. My heart sank and hot tears streamed down my face.

We drove down immediately to the nearest private hospital. Julien was unconscious during the whole trip except for a short instance when he awoke to cry. I never felt happier in my life to hear Julien fuss!

We then were relieved because it seemed that Julien was fast asleep instead of ‘fainted’.


At the hospital’s A&E, the doctor administered medication as well as insert a drip in the poor little fella’s small hand…

As expected, it took ALOT out of him. He screamed and struggled as the drip was being inserted.


As things began to settle down and while we waited for a room to be available, I ate a piece of kaya toast.

Guess what?

Julien SNATCHED the piece from my hands!


Make that 3 pieces of toast at one go…


Well, it turned out that Julien fainted due to a very low glucose level. Too much output, too little input.

All these happened on Friday morning.

It didn’t help that we did not manage to get a single room for Julien. So either the little child beside us was disturbed by Julien’s fussing or it was the other way round. It was worse when the fussing happens at night during sleeping hours…

Finally, the doc said Julien could most probably discharge on Sunday morning. And then…

Saturday night.

Julien kept screaming as he had stomachache. I brought him out of the room so as not to disturb the child next to us. But a mummy from next door shooed me away from the corridor as well…. Where else could we go?…:(

With a wailing sick boy in my arms, I walked to the nurses’ counter and there Julien puked. He merlioned. Non-stop for a few seconds. That long… That much…

SIGH.. The possibility of discharging the next day vanished.

My boy was so wanting to go home… Poor boy :(



We stayed a total of 3.5 days in the hospital… Me and the daddy caught Julien’s virus as well during the hospitalization. It was so draining for all of us.



(We brought his security blanket from home to comfort him. FYI, this blanket is older than his dad! It was used by daddy’s elder sister, daddy himself, daddy’s younger sister, Julien’s older cousins and now Julien!)IMG_0647

You could imagine how glad we were to finally get the doc’s approval to go home on Monday!


What an experience that we never want our little beloved to ever go through again! Praying for his good health and protection!


Kelvin Ang said...

Thank god he is ok now. But what was the cause of the puking?

Jerb said...

Hi Kelvin, yeah thank God he's fine now! Doc said it should be a virus caught from overseas...

Klessis said...

Oh man, so scary! Thank God he's recovered!

eve said...

Poor boy. Can totally understand your feelings. Xi En was recently hospitalised for 10 days too.
Health is really more important than anything else.
Good to hear that your little one is well again. :)

Ed or Edmund Tay said...

Wat a scary experience! Glad to see that he is all well! :)

Jerb said...

Hi Kless, yes thank God!

Hi Eve, what happened to Xi en??