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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Fine Dining at Club Med

I am not a fine dining kind of person. I can’t differentiate the different types of cutlery placed beside my plate for nuts! I always prefer just 1 spoon, 1 fork, 1 knife.

But since we heard that fine dining is included in our package at Club Med… WHY NOT?!

We heard that we’ve got to make reservations for fine dining at their restaurant Chuda. We went to book at the reception counter on the morning of the 2nd day for dinner however the reservations were full already! We could only go the following day.

Here’s the restaurant situated beside the Zen pool…





Actually, it was not so fine a dining… Most of the guests wore casual!

Surprisingly, the place was not at full capacity at all.

We get to choose from 2 sets – Thai or Fusion. Wine, bread rolls, fruits and drinks were available free flow.

Here is the starter. Same for both sets.


Jared & I took Thai…

Appetizer. Prawns were really fresh and succulent.


Delicious soup with coconut cream in a coconut! Such a nice presentation. Taste wise it’s also my best.


Mains. I am not used to a sweet green curry gravy with my fish…


Desserts. This must be the thai version of ondeh ondeh?


Our friends chose the fusion set.

Appetizers… Raw beef… Yikes!


Pumpkin soup.


Mains… Lamb. It tasted good and juicy!


Their appetizer looks … arty.


All in all, we still preferred the buffet food. Service was also not too good as we felt that the waiters were not friendly and not too accommodating with some of our requests.

Anyway, this post is the last instalment of my Club Med Phuket series. Hope you enjoyed reading! Smile

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