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Monday, June 11, 2012

Dinner @ Werner’s Oven

My bro had just returned safely from 2 weeks of training in Thailand and he was craving for good ‘ol Western food. So we decided on Werner’s Oven.


This restaurant brings me back to memories of my secondary school days as it used to be situated near my secondary school. When my classmates and I were feeling a little richer than usual, we would go over to Werner’s Oven for a good lunch.

This place serves authentic German food. Mains costs an average of $20.


Fierce owner…



We ordered Fritiert Calamari for starters… Breaded calamari with home made tar tare sauce. Calamari is fresh and springy in texture. Delicious!


I shared this oxtail stew with Val. The meat was not fatty but tender and stewed nicely. The stew was thick and tasty. And it came with toasted buttered bread.



We had pumpkin and clam chowder soups. I preferred the clam chowder as the ingredients were generous and not too creamy like the Campbell versions. The pumpkin soup was thick enough and full of pumpkin goodness but had a slightly sourish after-taste which I did not quite like.


We bought a basket of bread that came with salted butter for Julien. The breads taste as good as it looks. Healthy too I guess with all the multi-grain.


Julien making a mess of his food. He enjoys self-feeding these days which I allow. But the only bad thing about this freedom I give to him is cleaning up after everything.


I absolutely love steak but I wanted to try German food in a German restaurant. My sis and bro ordered their Sirloin steaks. The portion was really generous. The steak was juicy and chewy BUT it was un-swallowable for me! The 1 bite-size portion that I took was eventually spat out after 5 minutes of chewing. I just could not break it down and I was afraid I would choke on it. Serious!


My siblings were swallowing the pieces of beef at the start but they realized only a quarter of the steak was tough.


Breaded fish & chips for the hubby. He felt it was very average.


Val & I also shared a platter of German sausages. Bärlauchwurst… which is coarse pork sauages with garlic herb. The sausages in my opinion tasted average. I could not taste any garlic herb. And they were too oily for my liking. Mashed potatoes were awesome creamy. As for the sauerkraut, we all did not like it.


Nothing like good beer with all the meats.

After we downed everything, we got into the desserts…


Delicious green apple crumble with vanilla ice-cream.


Cherry cheesecake. I think Coffee Bean’s better.

All in all, we enjoyed our dinner here. Will be back for more German & Western food!


Happy baby & mummy!

Werner’s Oven:

6 Upper East Coast Road #01-01/02/03 Singapore 455220

Tel: 6442 3897

(Closed on Mondays)


Raymond said...

Jerb, my fav german around the house! you didnt try pork knuckle? they are yummy!!

Jerb said...

We didn't dare try! We shall attempt to try the next visit!