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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Review of Club Med Phuket Part I

Before I start, I would like to apologize for the very long delay in posting on the blog. Wanted to blog about our holiday to Club Med earlier but Julien fell sick right after the trip. Will blog about what happened post-Club Med later.

We had planned for this holiday months before. The hubby chanced upon a 1 for 1 promotion on the Club Med website. And so we invited some of our friends along.

Club Med is the lazy man’s holiday because you need not really plan for your holiday. You pay a price and it includes a buffet of activities and food you can choose for all in one place.

The best part was that kids below the age of 2 goes for free so we and our friends Ed & Minghui could happily bring Julien and Ansel along for this trip as well!

We wanted to go for Club Med Bali but later realized that Club Med Phuket is the only Club Med in Asia with a Baby Club (for toddlers below 2 years old). It costs about S$80 a day for the Baby Club.

We were really excited to bring Julien for this trip!


(Here’s Julien on the plane, sticking his head in between the seats)

We did not book the transport from the Phuket airport to Club Med as the latter wanted to charge us S$30 per person per trip! We went online to book an 8-seater van for about only S$50 per trip. So much cheaper!

We finally reached Club Med after a 45 minute journey from the airport.

My boy must be really excited because he did a little dance upon his arrival. He is just so amusing!


In Club Med, the visitors are called ‘GMs’ or ‘Gentle Members’. The organizers i.e. all the receptionists, personal trainers, station masters, etc are called ‘GOs’ or ‘Gentle Organizers’. And the other employees such as the cleaners are called ‘GEs’ or ‘Gentle Employees’.

We checked in at the reception counter and was given a rather warm welcome by the GOs.

We were given a fragrant garland to put on around our necks…


welcome drinks and warm towels were provided…


And briefing by a Thai GO.


There were 2 daily orientation tours by the GOs each day. 1 in the morning, and another in the evening. We were too tired to go and figured that we could figure things out ourselves.

After the short briefing  by the GO, we proceeded to our rooms. The walk to our rooms made us realize just how big the Club Med compound was! Keith commented that even after a buffet meal, the walk back to our rooms would have burned off all the food we ate. HAHA!


Our room was on the 2nd floor and it was a connecting room with Keith and Shermin’s. Please DO NOT expect a luxurious room with fantastic facilities.

Think pleasant and clean chalet room.

Here is our bed which is actually made up of 2 joined single beds.


And there was a small guest bed at the corner of the room too.



☺Free wifi (1 password per device. You can ask for multiple passwords if you have multiple devices) .

☺Free shampoo, bath gel, and other small toiletries which I did not use as I brought my own.

☺Change of towels everyday if needed.

☺Baby bathtub / Baby potty / stroller & bottle warmer available on request

☺2 bottles of drinking water every day.


☺Mini fridge.


☺Cabinets with hangers.

☺Hot/cold water tap and showers.

☺Cable TV via a small flat screen TV (as seen in the picture above).

Hmm… Actually the room is not too bad after all!

After dilly dallying in our rooms for awhile, our stomachs reminded us that we have not taken our lunch and tea. So we proceeded to the snack room which is available from about 230 - 530pm (can’t really remember as we only took snacks on the 1st day).

I was rather disappointed with the snack room experience… The offerings were limited, quality was bad (the phad thai didn’t taste like phad thai and the ingredients were not fresh), waitresses looked unwilling to serve (probably too tiring to keep on bringing the food up and down the stairs) and the snack room was alfresco dining. Alfresco is nice when the weather is cooling. But not so wonderful in oh-so-super-hot Phuket!

Went to get drinks from the bar instead. And as you know ordering from the bar here is … liberating. Liberating because almost everything you do and eat here is ALL INCLUSIVE. Champagne however is chargeable!




The Vapango drink.


The Fresh Phuket drink.

I tried their smoothies and they were a tad too diluted.

Guess what? Shortly after snack time, dinner time starts! Knowing that a buffet awaits us, we could not help but went for it.

We heard from one of the GOs that there are about 50 chefs and cooking assistants in the kitchen to cook up a storm everyday 3 times a day! EXCESSIVE!!!

(Get ready to drool at the pictures below…)

There are about 4-5 rooms available for dining. The rooms inside the food area seems cooler but some of the rooms may be closed at different times.

This was one of the rooms with a lovely blue theme.



This is another room which is located just outside the food area and it was not so cooling because it was not air-conditioned.



Every breakfast, there would be the standard omelette counter where you could choose the ingredients for your omelette and get the chef to cook on the spot for you. You got to try this as it is cooked very well.

There were different types of breads available including the not so usual ones like the white chocolate bread, tomato and cheese bread…


They also served little jars of jams of various flavours, some of which were specially made for Club Med Phuket!


You also get Japanese foods (like miso soup), Western food (like heinz beans, hashbrowns, toasted sandwiches), Chinese/Thai (like porridge) fruits, salads, desserts available.

There was a low fat counter available every breakfast which served bagels, low fat milk, healthy cereals including my favourite muesli!


International buffet. E V E R Y D A Y and featuring food from different cuisines. We had Spanish, Indian and Chinese during our stay. You can also expect a Japanese, Thai, Western and pasta corner for every meal.

Wine lovers note: You can order free flow of red and white wine during meal times!










This is one of the rounds that Keith took during one of the lunches. He took TWO grilled fishes, beancurd, tempura veges, spinach and cheese and braised meat. He is really a food connoisseur!

They also offer a few specialty dishes each day, that the chefs prepared on demand at the various counters.


Grilled fish and asparagus in wasabi cream sauce.


We had steak in black pepper sauce one day, lamb roasted with mixed spices another day and many more!

They also have specialty desserts! Club Med is not just a foodie’s paradise but also heaven for people like me who has a sweet tooth!




Can you imagine desserts galore 3 times a day, everyday??



And did I mention that the adults and kids alike absolutely love the ice-cream counter that’s available during the buffets? EIGHT flavours always. Jared loves the coffee flavour while I liked the blueberry and vanilla flavours.

And so, we spent the 1st day upon arrival in the late afternoon just gluttoning away. Will blog more about the other non-fattening activities we did and Baby Club.

Stay tuned!


Dominique@Dominique's Desk said...

The food looks so tempting and yummy. It must have ben great fun for you at Club Med.

San said...

Oh man!!! Showing Nic this blog post to erm, get him prompted the right way too! Hahaha...

Jerb said...

Hi Dominique, thanks for visiting! Yes, it was fun!

Yo San, go go go!

Raymond said...

Jerb, were you paid for like Pst Ed to try and review club med! i heard about them but so so so expensive!!

Jerb said...

Hey Ray, Nope.. Not so lucky. We took the 1 for 1 promotion so it was a v good deal.

nana said...

Hi! May I know which website did you go to book the 8-seater van from Phuket Airport to Club Med?