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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Review of Club Med Phuket Part 2

After a night of gluttony, we had to burn it all off the next day right?

Nope.. we were not going to just laze around the swimming pool all day long!


Our first stop of the day/trip…


We had to walk to the other side of the Club Med compound from where our rooms were and where all the sports activities were held – Archery, trapeze, bungy bounce, racket games, basketball, golf, aerobics/golf.


Don’t we look like we are ready for a day of sports?? Let’s hope that we have the form + the substance as well!

The archery place!


GO helping us put on the protective gears…


Then we had a short tuition by the trainer.


And we are ready to go!


We did 2 rounds of 3 shots each.

These arrows below were shot by me and Minghui.


A few shots missed the target board but still not bad for first timers right?


Husbands BEWARE!!!

We headed off for a very friendly tennis match soon after…



Here are pictures of us in action (or was it out of action??)





(A very rare photo of our friend Keith in his sports attire and doing sports!!!)

Jared & I also played squash. It was my first time and I realized what a tiring game it was!


Gosh, my hair was out of place after a half an hour game!


(Here’s my hubby working out by himself because I GAVE UP!)

Hubby & I were badminton players but we didn’t play it here because the shuttlecocks provided were the plastic, kiddy type. One of the squash courts was converted into the badminton court. The space was too confined, the ceiling was too low and fitted with ceiling fans which made it difficult to play REAL badminton.

Nevermind! We tried our hand at table tennis. The facility was situated just one level below the eating area. There were 3 table tennis tables, bats and ping pong balls available. I found it rather therapeutic playing the sport actually. Not very difficult to aim at the small little bouncy ball. Smile with tongue out

I was also determined to go for the aerobics class at 4pm daily. There were power yoga, body sculpting classes in the morning but we were busy eating bonding over breakfast to attend.

Jared and I went for the class 2 days in a row. The 1 hour session I am sure burned away most of the lunch we had eaten. Yeah!


The very trim & fit GO trainer was a South African guy who taught us step aerobics. Boy o boy… It was really not easy to coordinate your arms and legs and step up to the fast beat of the music. We were perspiring like crazy just after half an hour of work out! We just had to go for our cold drinks at the bar after the sessions…. and replenish back some of the calories again…

This same trainer was also the trainer for the aqua aerobics we attended on our last day at Club Med.


I highly recommend this aqua aerobics class. It's a 1h session in the water. The exercises were not difficult. And the best thing is you don’t feel hot and sweaty since you are already in the water, but knowing that your fats are being burned! The GO made it really fun and the class ended off with a group exercise activity. It was awesome! I super regretted not attending this class on the previous days….

After the class, a group of GOs of different gender and nationalities came in front of the pool to teach us the Sun Dance. It was a really easy to follow and funny dance we could do in the water.

After the class, the GOs hosted a game of water rugby with the GMs.

If you find the water activities too strenuous, you could always sun tan or laze around in the pool with your free flow of cocktails.


(Choose to suntan outdoors…)


(Or watch others suntan from indoors…)

This pool that you see above has depths ranging from 0.5m to 2.5m at different sections.

You could also laze in the water or suntan at the Zen pool which is situated at another end of the compound.

In order to get to it, you got to walk up a really cool bridge…


… enjoy the really nice scenery on both sides of the bridge…


(This side overlooks the beach)

before you reach the small Zen pool.



There is a sign here that say you got to ZIP. Yup, no talking allowed here. This is not a place to have fun or swim or chat. It’s a place for you to relax and unwind. ZEN pool, now you get it?

And of course, if you find the sporting activities too much for you to bear, you can choose to enjoy the spa facility available in Club Med compound.


This pure luxury comes at an additional cost though. Spa services are not included in the Club Med package. Prices are not cheap even after the 1st 24-hour discount of 20% given to us.

But what is a true blue Thai holiday without affordably-priced massage right??

We ventured out of the compound and stumbled upon this gem directly across the road opposite Club Med.


Is this considered a sport too?? Heehee…

We ♥ Maithai Massage for these few days.

The massages were good at affordable prices and the best thing was the strong air-conditioning (something that was rather lacking in the Club Med compound) was a respite from the 35 degrees celcius and 100% humidity out there!


(Mystery man here… Try not to guess who…)

I tried the Thai massage on the first day there and it was too painful for me. My back felt bruised the next day.

But I really loved the foot massage! It was not too hard… just heavenly!


I had it for the next 2 days of my stay at Phuket!


As you can see, my friends thoroughly enjoyed the massage as well!

So the above mentioned were the activities we had only managed to cover during this trip. We wished we could try the golf (tuition available), trapeze and bungy bounce as well as watch the nightly shows and performances (such as the Elvis Presley show, circus act). But our time was limited since the Baby Club was only opened from 9am-5pm and our sons turned in early after a day’s worth of fun activities. We were nevertheless very thankful for the Baby Club services so that we adults could enjoy ourselves knowing our kiddos were in the good hands of the GOs at Baby Club.

If you are a beach junkie, there are also snorkelling and organized morning beach walks available. Scuba diving, yes but at extra cost.

Lastly, ending off with pictures from our evening beach stroll with our kids. SmileWill blog about the Baby Club and our fine dining experience in my last entry about Club Med.








Thanks for reading!


Madeline Heng said...

Wah looks like fun! We usually go free and easy when we're in Phuket and massages are definitely a must! Every single day that we're there haha

Jerb said...

Hi Madeline,

Thanks for dropping by! We have a thing about Phuket, we have been thrice in 3 years all on F&E. Just wanted to try Club Med out since the deal was good! And yes, we went massage every day too!

Anonymous said...


Mind sharing how much was the package? Looking for a place to go for holiday when my baby is older, and this looks really family/baby friendly! :)

TIA! :)

Jerb said...

Hi, no prob! Just pm me. :)