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Monday, May 14, 2012

Bishan Park

It had been a year or two since we’ve been to Bishan Park. It had underwent a facelift recently and we decided to bring Julien and his cousin Raeanne there.


The first thing that caught our eye was the big red balloon with the yellow ‘M’ sign… MacDonalds’! In the park!

Bought some snacks from Mac for a last minute picnic.


Bishan Park was no longer the large piece of fields. It’s now been transformed into a place with bridges across waters and sloping greens. Yes, all man-made. Smile with tongue out


A really nice place for the kids to run around…


Here’s Julien running after the birds and yours truly running after him…

You can actually bring your kids to the water area to look at fishes. We even spotted a terrapin!


And if your kids get bored, there is a play area for them to expend their energy.


Overall, Bishan Park is a great place to unwind during the weekends. You feel you are in the ‘country side’ getting in touch with nature – the greenery and waters and your kids can run along or cycle.

We all felt recharged and our moods uplifted after our time here.


We will be back!

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