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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kid’s haircut at Tampines One

Julien’s hair has grown into quite a round ‘bush’ and my mum-in-law had been complaining that he is looking like a girl already.


So we searched around for a kid’s hair salon near our place. We finally found one at Tampines One.

One last look at his cute round-shaped crop of hair… I honestly quite like it!


Off we went to the hair salon – The D’s Kiddy Salon.


It looked clean and bright. There were DVD players in front of each chair as well as a corner stocked with books and toys. To distract the kids I guess!


Doesn’t it look warm and cosy?

So, here we have Julien settling in…


That was the last non-unpleasant look of Julien’s that we saw then.


Once the scissors started snipping, even Thomas the train could not stop Julien from crying. Sad smile

Mummy had to ‘comfort’ Julien… And it didn’t work.

We took toys and books from the corner to pacify and distract him. Julien just hurled those things away! Confused smile

Next weapon… FOOD!


It worked for just awhile…

Thank God by then, the poor hairdresser had already accomplished quite a bit.

But as our little boy had LOTS of hair, the hairdresser still had a  fair bit of trimming to do.

Eventually, we ended up in this sorry state….


Daddy and Mummy had to take turns to carry Julien and all three of us had lots of hair all over.

This whole wailing episode made me wonder if Julien could FEEL his hair being cut. SIGH…

Well, even though it turned out to be a difficult haircut for us and the hairdresser, I must say that this is in our opinion the best kid’s hairdresser (in terms of place and skill) that we had been to so far.

Here are the rates and special promotion if you are interested!



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Rina Lee said...

Hi Julien's mummy
I am Rina of The D's Kiddy Salon. Thanks a lot for your compliment. We are very glad to hear that you like our service.

We hope to see you again soon. :)


Rina Lee