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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Phlegm in newborn

I had chose to ignore the noisy breathing sounds I've heard from my little Jensen since 2-3 weeks ago. Afterall, there was no output such as  mucus. I told myself baby should be fine.

And then the speed of his drinking decreased... and the last few days had seen him struggling to start on his feed.

Last night was the final straw... Jensen was crying at 3am for his feed. When we gave him the bottle, he seemed to have great difficulty drinking and started coughing and wailing even louder. It was extremely heartbreaking!

We had better bring little Jen to the doctor the next morning to find out if he was all right.

And the doctor's diagnosis was...


The reason why we didn't see any mucus or phelgm being expelled out was because Jen had most probably swallowed the phlegm.

I felt so bad and guilty! Why did I ignore the symptoms in the first place?? Had I brought him to the doctor's 2-3 weeks ago, his condition would not have worsen.

I had been complacent... Sad smile

My baby had to undergo the neubilizer.

And look at the amount of medication he has to take!

Praying that little Jen recovers soon!

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