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Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Gym @ Marine Parade

Hubby decided to take leave last Thursday and bring Julien out for some good fun before I return to work after 2 months of maternity leave.

We looked around and decided to go for a trial class at My Gym @ Marine Parade, with the hope that we can help Julien expend some of his seemingly limitless energy and sleep early in the night.

There was a discount on the trial class fees for Toys ‘R’ Us Star card holders and we need only pay $5 instead of $35 for the one hour class. We thought it was a good chance for us to try to get Julien exposed a little and perhaps sign him up for something that he enjoys.

We attended the class for the 18mo-3year old kids. It was a small class of about 8 kids and 2 teachers.  Probably due to the weekday timing, most of the kids there were from expatriates’ families.

The kids have to be accompanied by one adult. In this class, they were either the mummies or domestic helpers.

We started with some ‘warm up’ exercises cum sing-along session in a circle.


Maybe it was Julien’s first time in a classroom setting. He hated to be seated and poor me had to restrain him and ‘force’ him to do the actions of the songs. I was feeling a little embarrassed as most of the other kids were well-behaved and singing along happily!

The teacher assured me after the class that it is normal for kids who are there for the 1st few times to be restless since they are not used to a structured classroom setting. Phew!

There were a few things that we did. (Pardon me for the flurry images… Hard for us to capture Julien in action!)

First up, the kids took turns to do an assisted headstand!


Julien looked quite shocked initially when he was turned upside. But when he started to focus and saw mummy waving at him, he started giggling. Must be funny to see an upside down mummy!

Next up, kids did a “walk on the plank”. I guessed it was to practise their sense of balance.


Julien then tried a backward flip on the parallel bars… He came up with his hair all messy. Smile with tongue out




Of course, thanks to his greatest supporter cheering him on at the side, he did TWO successful flips! Smile

But as you can see…. he couldn’t wait to leave this station.


Soon after, the teachers took out the swings… Wheeee!



Shared swing…


There was another kid who was getting uncomfortable and the teacher started blowing bubbles to soothe him…


Instead of trying to catch and burst the bubbles, my little boy was totally… mesmerized by them it seems!


During this 1 hour, my boy’s favourite activity was … free play!




And of course during the ‘Separation Time’ when the teachers turned on soothing music, poured out the toys and got the parents to move away from the kids, Julien was totally preoccupied with his toys and oblivious to me moving away! No problem for little Julien!


The class ended with a short story-telling using a bee puppet. The teacher was very animated and I was pleasantly surprised that Julien was captivated and managed to sit still for the couple of minutes. He was very amused by the ‘buzzing’ sound that the teacher made.

Overall, I was satisfied with the class as there were varied activities for the kids in that short 1 hour. The teachers were also very helpful and enthusiastic.

If you asked me if Julien enjoyed the class, I can only say he seemed to only enjoy running around and exploring on his own rather than doing the structured activities. However, I guess it is good to get him to start attending classes and getting used to discipline, structure and socializing.

We are thinking of trying out a music and movement class next before deciding on a class that Julien can attend on a weekly basis. Any suggestions?

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