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Monday, March 19, 2012

Feeding baby medicine

Jensen had been taking his medication for his phlegm for 6 days already. And we’ve noticed, he’s definitely fussier than Julien.

While Julien happily takes all kinds of medication that we give him, Jensen actually shows us his preference.




Here are the 2 different reactions….

Medication #1

nice Medication #2


Now I know which medicine taste worse…!!!

Here’re a couple of useful tips for you parents regarding medication.

1.Remember to ask the nurse the following:

a. When to eat the medicine - before or after feed

b. The expiry date of the medicine after it’s opened

c. How to store the medicine – refrigeration needed or room temperature

2. The next time your baby visits the doctor for the same ailment, you may choose not to get the same medicine if you already have it and it can still be consumed. Save some $$ here!

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