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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dressing up Julien

And Jensen too actually.

I enjoy shopping for my boys. But the shopping experience is very limited in Singapore… Sadly…

If I had a daughter instead, I would have definitely spent much more money (the only comforting thought) as there are so many uber adorable and pretty girls clothes and accessories around!

The boys’ clothings are either limited in range, ugly or expensive.

I could not find any nice, affordable shoes after Julien outgrew the black crocs that my Aunt bought for him.

I had to go online to shop for the boys’ clothes from overseas and incur shipping charges. I also have to wait alittle longer for the clothes to reach my hands. But no choice…

photo (9)

Here’s Ju dressed in Dark blue tee (Camouflage), skinny blue jeans (Gap), colorful checkered shoes (Gap).

I like my sons cool. :)

With this, I have a teeny-weeny dream…

A dream of designing and producing boys’ clothings at affordable prices. Thinking about it makes me excited even though I have zero idea how to really start and possibly zero time to work on this.

Any mums with sons experiencing the same frustration as me? Any of you come across online or physical shops selling nice and affordable clothes for boys? Please share!

2 comments: said...

Hi I share the same problem with u & would also like to design and manufacture boys clothes for my son. Maybe one day we can work together! Haha.

Jerb said...

Haha! Why not? ;) it's my dream!!