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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Julien’s turning 18 months!


My little boy is growing up sooo fast! Too fast! In 1 more week’s time, he will be 18 months’ old!

He used to be docile, very mild, accommodating, easy-going…


Look at his big round innocent eyes… But don’t be deceived!

I mean he’s generally still a good boy but…


He does have an attitude!


He wants to have his choices (hmm… blackberry or iphone??) and once he’s made up his mind, he only wants it HIS way!


No questions about it.

And we as parents are happy about it. It’s a sign of growing up.

Julien is much more active, aware and engaging now. It’s so much more fun for us to interact with him now! Though he has not really learnt how to speak at all (rather, he does not want to try to speak), he understands words like ‘catch’, ‘let’s go’, ‘blanket’, ‘bathe’, ‘carry’ etc.

A friend of ours recommended sending kids to childcare at the age of 2-3  years only. The rationale was that kids younger than that would not be able to engage and learn anything much. Sending the kid to pre-school early just means spending alot of $$ to entertain him.

But we are just so tempted to send our active and bored Julien sooon. I am thinking if he goes to class now, he not only learn to socialize with other kids, he would pick up soft skills and might start to learn to speak faster too.

Well, we shall wait a little longer and assess the situation. Parents, what is your take on this? Should we send our kids to school early?


Anonymous said...

hi! my boy is 17 mths now and hasnt learnt how to speak yet as well... though he does say a lot of gibberish. haha... i wont be sending him to presch so soon though.. thinking of next yr jan, after he passes the 2 yr old mark, which i feel would be more ideal :)

San said...

I sent Jay @ 2 years, and didn't regret it one bit. :)

But you CAN *cough* opt to send him for Playgroups? Which are parent-assisted classes that are an hour long. Give him some time to socialize & have a taste of childcare. :)

Jerb said...

Thanks for sharing! :)

missustay said...

Hello Jerb! I came by from the Singapore Mom Bloggers group. I'm expecting my #2 now and she will be about 17 months younger than #1. So I'll probably need more ideas from you on how to cope with two very young kids!

Your website also stood out because I saw your compliments for the Mt. A (I work there!). My siblings and I and our kids are all given birth to at Mt. A!

missustay said...

oh yes, i had wanted to send my son to a childcare centre when he turns 18mo (also about the time when #2 arrives) so that we don't overwhelm ourselves too much.

but my parents felt otherwise. they think 18mo is still a lil' too young and well, catches viruses easily too. so i'll probably find a play group or some classes that he can go to for a few hours a week or every other day.

Jerb said...

Hi there Missustay :) Thanks for dropping by and thanks for sharing! Congrats on your #2!

And what a coincidence that you work in Mt A! We really enjoyed the service there!