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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pine Garden 1st month cakes

For Julien’s 1st month, we bought our 1st month cakes from Gobi (read more here). For Jensen, we wanted something different and decided on the famous Pine Garden cakes.


If you visit their only outlet at Ang Mo Kio, you may mistaken it for just another ordinary small neighbourhood bakery… except that it’s very crowded especially during peak hours.



One glance and you may think that they sell the normal traditional sponge cakes. But look carefully at the flavours available… Pulut Hitam, Apple Vera Martini and many more!

We decided to go for the half kg cakes for relatives and the package with 9 mini cakes for friends. We asked the shop assistants if cake tasting was available since we were going to buy alot of cakes… But sadly, no… We had to buy the cakes in order to try. Sad smile

So, we chose their signature flavour – Lychee Martini and got the Chocolate Bailey’s and the traditional favourite Black Forest!


We wolfed down the cakes in a few minutes… They were yummy! I personally preferred the light Lychee Martini cake with the subtle hint of alcohol in it, best. The Black Forest was a close runner-up.

Well, since we were not planning to throw a party to celebrate Jen’s 1 month, we decided to give away more cakes. We spent almost a thousand dollars here!

No discount given…. Just free delivery….

Honestly, don’t expect great customer service here. Just very yummy cakes. Smile

The packaging is quite nice too.


Note: The cute card with Jensen’s photos on it is NOT from Pine Garden. As usual, Jen’s very creative, very arty designer aunty – Aunty Val designed the card… all in just 20 minutes. She’s so good at it!

And for Jensen’s 1 month old celebration, we did a small family lunch at Man Zhu restaurant at the Chinese Swimming Club (@ Amber Road) where my bro-in-law was a member at.


The Sunday hi-tea was less than $30 per pax and the buffet offerings were not bad at all.

One side of the restaurant faced the swimming pool…


And the other sides faced greenery and another part of the pool…


(Gong Gong looked so happy with his grandchildren!)

And while we adults were happily munching our food, our little Jensen was….


Peacefully Zzzzzzzzing away……..

(Thanks Aunties and Uncle for the cool and colorful Old Navy tights… and look at the 3d baseball socks that Mummy bought me!)

Happy Belated 1 month old Jensen!


(We love our sweet Baby!)

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