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Monday, February 20, 2012

Feeding a 6 week old baby

An active toddler who is constantly demanding his parents’ attention and discovering new things everyday,  cable TV (I subscribed to the very addictive HK and Korean drama channel), a new hobby of expressing milk, a newborn (need I explain?) … I guess you can forgive me for my long absence from this space!

A month and a half just whizzed by like that.

At 6 weeks old, my little Jensen has grown to be chubby tubby.


As you can see from the picture, Jensen has been feeding very well. At 2-3 weeks, we were already giving him 120ml every 3-4 hours. Now at 6 weeks, he is taking 140-150 ml every 3-4 hours.

During the 1st few days he was back from the hospital, he was drinking so much, more than I could express out, so we bought formula to supplement. At first, I felt discouraged about it… But I just kept on expressing the best that I could.

A note to all to-be-mums and mums of newborns:


And yes, I kept on going and produced more and more and now Jensen is fully on breastmilk again. In fact, Jensen only drinks half of what I produce each day. I also give a little of my BM to Julien. (I replace a quarter of his formula milk with my BM and mix it with his formula milk as he no longer can take the strong taste of the BM). Still, I am facing a good problem -  the lack of storage space to keep my frozen breastmilk.

I am also very thankful that Jensen wakes up only once a night now to drink his milk. We used to try to give him formula just before midnight, hoping that it will fill his stomach better and last longer through the night. But, we discovered it was not so. Maybe just for Jensen?

So, how did we train Jensen and Julien to sleep through the night? I am not sure! Maybe because we had prayed specifically for it! Smile

I feel blessed with my 2 boys and am enjoying the time I spend with the 2 of them. Indeed, children are a blessing from the Lord.


Delphine said...

Yay Jerb! U finally updated this space!! Jensen look so adorable and indeed, he look very well fed ! A healthy growing up boy! :))

JasmineL said...

Darchy, Finally!
Always enjoy reading ur posts and ur pictures always make me go 'AWww' or 'Yummy"!