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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Nakhon Kitchen (Bedok)

Did I read somewhere that spicy foods can induce labor? Well, it definitely did not work for me!

Last weekend, my family decided to try a highly-rated place by Hungry Go Where at Bedok North – Nakhon Kitchen.


As you can see, it serves authentic Thai cuisine, right at the heart of the HDB flats. And yes, it’s open air - NO AIRCONDITIONING.

But boy was it popular!


When we reached the place less than an hour after it opened for business in the evening, we were #4 in the queue. Even after we left the place, the queue was still long! The food must be good…

Here’s our appetizer – Thai Mango Salad.


I love this dish with it’s fresh mango, onions and cashew nuts!

We’ve read good reviews for it’s Green Curry.


I would say pretty good indeed. It’s tasty fare and I like it for not having a strong taste of it’s spices.

Next up, Phad Thai (Tang Hoon).


Very ordinary… almost bland. Maybe we should have ordered the kway teow version instead…

Kang Kong cooked Thai style…


We chose this instead of the sambal version. But now I know veges cooked in Thai style = veges fried with sliced red chilli and garlic. Simple but honestly tasty enough.

We ordered sweet and sour pork. Very chinese right?


I think the regular zi char stall’s version beat this.

Another food that had good reviews here was the Tom Yum Soup.


Don’t be deceived by it’s clear soup… This bowl is spicy! In my opinion, one of the best Tom Yum soup I’ve ever eaten!

Fried Spring Rolls..


Crispy enough… regular fare.

Pineapple Fried Rice…


It’s definitely not the best offerings around. Presentation was definitely lacking…

We also ordered beef kway teow soup. Broth was good and the beef slices was soft and succulent. Comfort food!

We ended off our meal with some Thai dessert. Red Ruby…


Where’s the chestnut?

Another recommended dish was the Mango Glutinous Rice.


Average honestly… The mango was not sweet enough? Glutinous rice was not tasty enough?

Anyway, all in all, it was good Thai food. We should be back for it’s mains and skip the desserts.


1. There are no baby chairs available here!

2. No reservations allowed so be there early!

Nakhon Kitchen

Blk 136,

Bedok North Ave 3,


Tel: +65 6245 5548

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AspirantSG said...

Nice write up on the Bedok Outlet. If you like the even more spicy version, should visit the Kovan (Hougang) Outlet too!

Share with me your take then. :)