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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

My last gynae visit…

Went for my last gynae visit this afternoon.

Before the scan, Dr Tan was just telling us if baby does not come out, we could choose to wait until 1-2 days after the expected due date before we decide to induce.

However, during the scan, we were all surprised to see baby had grown to 3.3 kg already! (Julien was 3.27 kg when he arrived at 39 weeks)

After the scan, doc advised us that baby could grow up to 3.5 kg if we waited till next week.

And so, we all decided…


We eventually chose Sat 7 Jan for THE date of Jensen’s arrival if he doesn’t come out these few days.

Finally! A date to look forward to!

Now, here’s the last we see of Jensen in a scan! (A nice view of his facial features) The next time we see him, it will be 4D, real life! Open-mouthed smile


And here’s Julien zooming around while waiting for his younger brother to come out and play with him! Winking smile



San said...

Wooooo~!!! Looking forward to this weekend then, my friend! :)

Eve said...

Jia u! :) will be waiting for your tweets-news on arrival!

Jerb said...

Thanks Friends! :))