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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jensen’s Birth Story

Ok, I hope you are not expecting any water bag breaking, sudden contractions type of birth story from me because you are not going to get one.

In fact, as mentioned in my previous post, pregnant me was fast approaching my EDD and NOTHING was happening. We fixed a date for me to be induced and everyday before THAT Saturday, I would be doing something to desperately try to get Jensen out.

Walking an hour+ everyday, drinking pineapple juice, eating spicy foods… and ZILCH. Nothing exciting happened.

So on Saturday morning 7 Jan 2012, the hubby and I headed down to our doc’s clinic at Thomson Medical to be induced. And here goes the timeline…..


(Me trying to look excited as I leave the house… I was really quite nervous actually!)

9.40am – Had a prostaglandin pill inserted. Nurse did a VE and commented that she could feel the baby’s head but cervix was still far behind. 0 cm dilated. Then I was monitored on the CTG machine for half an hour.

10.20am – Already feeling contractions. It was quite painful or was my threshold of pain low?

Nurse asked me to walk around for about half an hour then come back to see Doc at 11 a.m. If I cannot wait, I can go straight to Mount Alvernia… the birth hospital of our choice.

10.30am – Walked only downstairs and I told my husband that my contractions are really painful and getting stronger and closer together. About 5 mins interval..

Mount A, here we come!

11 am – Checked into the Delivery Suite. Nice room…


Spacious toilet!



Jacuzzi (Don’t think any patient has the mood for this!)? Or is it the bathtub used for water birth?

The nurses put me on the CTG machine


As you can see, the contractions are coming really strong and close together. But when the nurse did the VE, I was only 1cm dilated!

I requested for the epidural early this time. Dr Tan agreed as from my last delivery, it seemed that the epidural sped up my dilation… Perhaps without the epidural, I was feeling too tensed.

The wait seemed so long… Tried to watch TV… Not too interested really…


12.30pm - The anaesthetist arrived with the huge syringe. Yes! My ‘salvation’ is here!


Honestly, even after my epidural, I could feel the contractions. The nurses told me that the prostaglandin probably worked so well for me that it’s hard for the effects of the epidural to catch up with the very strong contractions.

My contractions persisted intensely and thank God baby’s heartbeat all these while were strong and stable. And finally before the clock struck 3, I was 10cm dilated!


(I could still manage a smile before labour, thanks to the epidural)


(Nurses preparing me for the delivery)

And after about 15 mins and under 20 pushes, Jensen weighing 3.53kg arrived into this world!


Tears came into my eyes as I carried my precious! I thank God for a safe and smooth delivery!


(Fluids being extracted from baby’s nose and mouth)

And after baby made his 1st cry, the nurses wrapped him up. Look at his 1st funny little expression…!


And here’s a happy family photo!


The labour process took about 4hours this time as compared to Julien’s 19hours. Thank God this round is a more pleasant, smooth, quicker process! You can read about Julien’s birth story here. Smile


San said...

Yay! Welcome to a brand new walk/rollercoaster ride! :) Enjoy your newborn! See ya soon! ;)

Christina said...

Wow! Induced is so much faster than natural! Congrats!

jotoh said...

I smiled at Jensen's first funny expression! Your 2nd prince has his own charm! :)

AI Sakura said...

congrats on your new bundle of joy! :) my girl did not show any signs past her due date too.. I had a c-section 4 days after and still nothing up to that point haha

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Natasha B said...

Congratulations babe!
Hehe was waiting for the news to be announced on your blog after not hearing from you for so long... :)
Yay! Loved your experience. You make me want to choose Mt A. Do you know if all birthing rooms come with a bathroom? :D

June said...

Congrats on your new bundle of joy! So glad that you had an good overall birth experience. Thank God... :)