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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pre-delivery thoughts

I’ve made it through Christmas!

Through days of feasting, LOTS of shopping (aka walking) and gift-exchanging.


(Me and my beautiful colleagues celebrating Christmas! Luv our dresscode! :))

I am quite amazed that I am still around at week 38+… after so much walking, carrying and chasing after Julien… Furthermore, many had ‘warned’ me that no. 2 is normally delivered earlier than no. 1 and Julien arrived at his 39th week.

So here I am, still around, penning my pre-delivery thoughts down. Pardon me for the randomness of these thoughts… Many different thoughts going through my mind!

#1 – Dec ‘11 or Jan ‘12 baby?

For the hubby, he believes babies born earlier in the calendar has a good headstart and advantage and so he is making sure that I get lots of rest and not moving TOO much.

For me, it’s ‘unto the Lord’. I am feeling so ‘heavy’ these days that I really don’t mind popping NOW. Sleeping has become so… tiring. I seem to be able to feel Jenson no matter which position I choose. The pace of my walking has slowed down tremendously. Walking normally gives me stitches.

#2 – Argh, my work!

While people are slowing down at work during the end of the year, I am busy rushing to finish my work before I pop anytime. (It partly explains why I have not blogged for soooo long!) I am hoping I can pop and be confined in peace…

For new mums, confinement period is NO holiday. That was my revelation when I just delivered Julien. The transition somehow caused some depression for me – New things to learn and do such as breastfeeding, caring for a newborn, and trying to work from home… all proved too much for me to handle! History must not repeat itself especially since I now also have a hyper 16 month old son. Trying my best!

#3 – Jenson or Jensen??

The hubby and I still deciding on how to spell J Junior’s name…. Hmmm…..

#4 – Leading a more normal life!

Of course, with the addition of another kid, life will NEVER be the same for me and the hubby again. And of course, we are very happy to welcome this new addition. But what I meant is that… I am really looking forward to being able to see my toes again!

And being able to carry Julien more often. And being able to wash my toes in comfort. And being able to sleep better without obstruction. And being able to wear the clothes in my wardrobe again. And of course, being able to shop for MORE clothes again! Whoohoo! This is a happy thought! Smile

#5 – Learning to love 2… or 3 equally

I am really praying that like Julien, Jenson will be easy, smiley, good-tempered and happy. But if he turns out to have a different personality, I have to learn to be a fair and very loving mum to both.

So with 3 males in my life, I must learn to love all 3 as equally as I can. The 3 most important men in my life! Smile

#6 – So when???!

I wish I knew… But I don’t. For Julien’s case, my water bag broke and so I knew the time had come. I hope for Jenson, it would be as obvious. I kinda forgot how contractions really felt like…

Anyway, I feel like a walking timebomb. Tick tick tick tick….

And I and the hubby are praying that Jenson’s delivery will be a smooth, safe and SWIFT one (very important)!

So, these are some of the thoughts that I am thinking about almost everyday for now. So please say a little prayer for me when you read this. My hubby will update this space with my birth story!


Del said...

I vote Jensen! More English feel :)

Nat said...

Hey Jerb!

I missed reading your blog posts and was wondering if you had gone into labour already :p
Merry Christmas by the way! and well, maybe junior J will decide on to pop on New Year's Eve. That will be quite cool - with lots of people celebrating his birthday each year in style (and fireworks).
Look forward to updates from your hubby!


Jerb said...

Thanks Del! I agree!

Hey Nat, yours should be soon too! You take care!