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Monday, November 21, 2011

Drinking from a straw

Your kid might have already accomplished this ‘feat’ at a younger age. Blame it on me. I tried giving Julien the straw but gave up after one miserable try, when he chewed on it.

I had read from my fellow mummy friend’s facebook that there is no special technique to teach your kid to drink from the straw. You got to just keep trying.

But I thought perhaps because the little one is currently teething and would always be chewing on the straw so I decided to discontinue practice till perhaps much later when most of his teeth have grown out.

A few days ago, I decided to give the cup another try.


His grandma and I showed him the sucking action. Should be quite hilarious a sight to any bystander. Julien fiddled with it. Chewed at the bottle parts. Chewed on the straw.


But just FIVE minutes, I see water going up… and up the straw into his mouth!

Even little Julien was excited about drinking water this way! He used to be VERY uninterested about drinking plain water and would drink only 1-2 small sips at a time. But with this new method of drinking, he would finish half a cup of water at one go!


Hurray! Yet another small milestone for little Julien. Smile


Anonymous said...

Good job Julien! :-)

My little one is turning one soon and just like you, I had tucked that mag mag straw cup away for months now eversince the last time he chewed on the straw and choked on the sudden gush of water into his mouth! Guess I have to dig it out soon and let him try again!

Jerb said...

Yup! Do let your little one try again! :)

Del said...

Hahaha! I drink a lot more water when using new cup or bottle too!! Hee!!