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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Julien walks

It began 4 Saturdays ago.

I was getting Julien to stand steadily on his feet. And then IT happened. He started to literally take baby steps forward all by himself! They were the 1st 4-5 steps of my not-so-baby-anymore Julien’s life!


The dad and I were so proud of him, and I cried tears of joy that moment. We were also mighty glad that we witnessed this milestone for ourselves!

4 weeks later now, Julien is still trying to learn to stand up without the help of taller objects around him and to sit down gently from standing up. When my funny little boy wants to sit down, he would allow his leg to give way and lands real hard on his butt! I’d not be surprised if there were bruises on his butt… He is also trying to walk longer distances as he is still walking unsteadily.

Well,  we are of course looking forward to Julien being able to walk all by himself all the time now BUT we are not in a rush… Not in a rush to have a toddler walking around, pulling wires, taking stuffs and putting them into his mouth, going to places we don’t want him to wander to!

We’ll let nature take it’s course for now… Go Julien go! Smile

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