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Sunday, November 27, 2011

IWannaGetStuffed & Blic Cafe

Me: “Hi, is this IWannaGetStuffed? I would like to make a reservation for 5 persons tomorrow at 1p.m.”

Person on the line: “Err, what kind of food are you looking for?”

Me: *Stunned for a moment* “This is IWannaGetStuffed at Tampines right?”

POTL: “Ya.”

Me: “This is the right place then.”

POTL: “Ok, you are looking for the RIGHT food.”

Don’t blame the waiter for asking you if you had got the right restaurant because apparently, there is another restaurant with the exact same name that serves vegetarian food!

Anyway, it was that time of the year again – Val’s and Jared’s birthday! Val’s on the 28th of Nov and Jared’s on the 2nd of Dec.

Every time we celebrate our family’s birthday, we would always search out for a good hotel buffet meal. Boring really! So I thought of going somewhere unconventional… Somewhere close to home literally.

Lunch @ IWannaGetStuffed at Tampines Ave 4 and then desserts @ Blic Ice-cream cafe which is situated 1 block away!




This cafe is tucked away in a corner, along the rows of shop under the HDB flats. But don’t expect an enclosed space! Let me warn you that this place has no air-con. Throw in a couple of busy flies…

We were the only customers there at 1 p.m. on a Saturday. But a few families joined in after awhile.

When we received the menus and realized how affordable the food were, we went on an ordering frenzy!



Cheesy potato skins

Served hot. Cheese and beef toppings were generous. V good indeed!


Mid-joint wings

Crispy skin on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. A must-have for the chicken skin lover! Strangely, it comes with a thousand island-like sauce…


Caesar Salad

Average. They used the paler Chinese lettuce instead of the usual greener ones.


12” Hawaiian and Pineapple Pizza

Deliciously thin-crusted with generous toppings…. In our opinion, the best food among our offerings!



My Prime Baby Back Ribs (chef’s recommendation)

Not the most tender and tasty ribs I’ve tasted… but it’s not too bad. According to Val, it tasted like bak kwa. Fries were crispy but you’ve got to eat it while it’s hot.


Grilled Dory Fish

According to Dan, it tasted good especially with the sauce.


Fish & Chips

Quite plain fare… But what do you expect for $10?

All in all, our meal for 5 cost us $90. Not bad considering the amount of food we ordered.

We felt it was an overall good experience. If the cafe is air-conditioned, it would have been almost perfect! We also felt the appetizers were the highlight… Do try it especially if you are living nearby!

Blk 801, Tampines Ave 4
Singapore 520801
+65 6785 4690

Read more about this cafe at

Blic Cafe

Just across the road at Blk 802, you will find this clean, bright, spacious air-conditioned (thank God) cafe.


Yes, this is the place we were looking for and they sell ice-creams, waffles, milk shakes and coffees.

They remind me of a smaller version of Udders’ with the classic and premium flavours.

After trying our ice-creams, we concluded that Udders’ is still better though this is not too bad.


My lychee mint and Ferraro (chocolate ice-cream with hazelnut bits) were really average. I kinda liked the Seasalt Malt flavour (tasted like horlicks with salt) and Blackie (the top-selling blacker version of cookies and cream). I didn’t try the Mao Shan Wang (Durian King) flavour here. I heard that the alcohol flavours here are also not as strong as those served at Udders’.

Blic Cafe

Block 802 Tampines Avenue 4 #01-23
Singapore 520802 Singapore

+65 67860860

We should be back to these 2 places for more especially since we live nearby!


Till the next time! Smile



Nat said...

Haha, the conversation with the waiter is quite funny. But I don't blame him for 'checking' if you got the 'right' restaurant too!

Jayme Shing said...

Jerb! My sis used to work at Blic! hahaha Seasalt Malt is her fav! :)