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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It’s decided! #2 shall be called….


Definition: God is gracious

I had so wanted Jonas. We were calling #2 Jonas for months. And then the hubby managed to convince me to change my mind.

Think Jenson Button. Famous F1 driver.


Think Jensen Ackles. Actor.

jensen ackles

And not forgetting this brilliant, top-earning CEO who is one of the top 20 youthful movers and shakers of the year– Greg Jensen.

Let’s not put up his photo here…

Ok, I am not THAT superficial. Of course I hope my son will grow up handsome, charming and successful but what REALLY changed my mind was the meaning of the name Jonas.

The hub found out that Jonas not only meant ‘Peace’, it also meant ‘Oppressor’! (according to Wikipedia). What conflicting and totally opposite meanings!

Well, of course in most of the places, ‘Jonas’ meant ‘Peace’… but coupled with the fact that there are alot of good-looking and successful Jensons around….

#2 shall be called Jenson Lim! May he be blessed and be a person, like his name, abounding in the grace of God.


Del said...

Nice name!! :)

edmund said...

Congrats on the name, and looking forward to meeting him! :)

Jerb said...

Thanks! :))

June said...

Amen God is indeed gracious! I like Jenson already. ;)

Jerb said...

Heehee... Thanks June! :)

Nat said...

Very nice name!