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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Home Playground

We had just set up a new play corner for Julien.


The hubby and I are very happy with it as Julien can be kept entertained for hours here.

But these days, I am beginning to discover that Julien is becoming more active. He just can’t sit or stand still for too long.


As he has not really learnt how to walk, we’ve kept him mostly at home. And he is learning to overcome new boundaries and umm… new heights. Climbing up the sofa and the backrest of the sofa is his new thing.


He takes a  short break sometimes.

Then continues… Up and down the sofa….



… Sometimes along the sofa, admiring the ‘flowers’ on the wall.

The state I am in now, I am definitely no match compared to my energetic son. After a whole day of looking after him, busy carrying him away from dangerous positions, catching up with his speedy crawling, being forced to walk with him his hand in mine (he still feels insecure about walking on his own)…. he would leave me breathless, almost wasted.

Lastly, leaving you with a new position he has learnt recently that left me shocked.













*Hi Mummy! You are up-side down!*



Jayme Shing said...

Hahaha! The upside down photo is so funny!!

Jerb said...

It was shocking to me at first cos I was wondering where he learnt this 'stunt' from... but after he did it the 2nd time, I thought it was so cute haha!

Nat said...

the upside down position is so cute! he can go do pampers ad!