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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Food for my toddler

Not too long ago, I’ve heard of a friend of mine whose daughter turned one year old and she started feeding her hawker food.

Maybe not the char kway teow or minced meat noodles but porridge, rice and side dishes.


My stand is to not expose Julien (and Jenson) to oily, sweet and salty foods as long as I can.

Until this day at 14 months + of age, his grandma and I are still religiously cooking his porridge (without any seasoning) everyday. We will definitely put him on rice when more of his teeth sprout out. He also takes his milk with cereals for some of his meals and he occasionally snacks on bread,  toddler biscuits, fruits.


Of course, on festive occasions and birthdays, we will give him some cake which he absolutely LOVES!

I guess we will continue to put him on such a strict diet till he turns two.

Fellow parents, what’s your take on this? Is there a ‘right’ age to start feeding flavourful foods?


Christina said...

We don't have domestic helper or parents/in-law, so my daugther is with us at all time (minus working hours). If we didn't cook, then she will eat some "outside food" together with us on weekday night. Not because mummy wants her to feed her economy rice but she will ask for food, otherwise, we won't have peace for dinner. Dilemma. Weekend, public holiday,she definitely have home cooked porridge/pasta.

Jerb said...

Yup, I guess it depends on caretakers' schedule too. I am thankful that my MIL is freed up to look after him and cook for him.

Nat said...

Haven't had experience yet but ideally I would like to do the home-cooked food at least till 18 months if possible :) Will probably ask you for some recipes and tips!

Jerb said...

Hi Nat, sure! We can exchange recipes! :)

June said...

Hmm, I guess there's no right age. Like you, I tried to shield Vera till I could shield no more (somewhere between 18-24 months). We had to compromise during outings especially, when I didn't have time to cook and pack her food beforehand. But even then, I would limit her to yongtaufoo, and mix the soup with plain water before serving, as it's usually too salty for a toddler. Well, this is one of the little ways I try. She's nearly 3 now, and I'm more relaxed about her diet. As long as she gets good nutritional balance at home.

Kelvin Ang said...

For us, the age of 1 is like a magical age. We did not really limit his food intake when we are outside. But of course, if it is a little too salty we will try to reduce that.

So far, Jayden loves chawanmushi + rice + miso soup.